: Samsung BX 40in Black LCD Monitor: Computers & Accessories. Specification sheet: BX Samsung 40″ LCD Montblanc Monitor. Information, datasheets and documents. Where to buy in South Africa. Buy Samsung bx Bx Series 40″ Lcd Display at

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Store used batteries out of reach of children and recycle. Changing the Auto Power Setting This product can only be controlled by using the remote control. Packaging W x H x D Width, height and depth of the display wamsung the shipping container, measured in inches in. Press MENU on the remote control.

BX | Samsung Support Malaysia

Afterimage burn-in should not occur when the LCD panel is operating normally. Optional Wall Mount Kit. Storage Samssung models can develop white stains on the surface if an ultrasonic wave humidifier is used nearby. Troubleshooting guide Solve the issue yourself with this step-by-step guide to diagnosing and resolving problems with your device. The settings for ID 1 are displayed before the settings for ID 3. Auto Adjustment will automatically run if the resolution is changed.

Lamp Schedule Settings 6. Settings Video Wall Customize the layout of multiple displays that are connected to form a video wall. Enable or disable Brightness Sensor for the selected display.


Do not disconnect the power cord while the product is being used. Click Video Source and change the aspect ratio. If the problem persists, contact Samsung Customer Service Center.

Using MDC Changes will only be applied to displays that are powered on. This option is available when the input source is This function is not available when Contrast must be set to Refer to page 94, page 99 and page for details about Mode, Sometimes the screen will not display properly unless the name of a source device is specified in Name. The horizontal screen will automatically be divided according to the number entered.

Configuring Settings For Main Functions Connection Using The Video Cable Refer to page 59 for details about connecting to a TV. Setting Pixel Shift This product can only be controlled 4400bx using the remote control. Power On Adjustment Bar and Eraser Setting Timer This product can only be controlled by using the samsuung control.

The appearance of the components and items sold separately may differ from the image shown. Power on the product. Display images at the original resolution without enlarging or reducing.

Press to move to Press to move to Different Size options samskng displayed depending on the current input source: Use or reproduction of this manual in parts or entirety without the authorization of Samsung Electronics is prohibited.


In addition, display part of a whole picture or repeat the same picture on each of the connected multiple displays. Language Set the menu language.

Language Settings You can configure additional settings as required.

Samsung 400BX Monitor / TV Professional LCD Display – LH40ARPLBC/ZA

Fix the cable of your anti-theft locking device to a heavy object such as a desk. Appendix Terminology Dot Pitch The monitor and screen consist of red, green and blue dots. Settings Energy Saving Save power with the Energy Saving While Energy Saving mode is active, the product power consumption will be controlled to save power.

The screen is blurry. This option smasung available when the input source szmsung PC. Sound Adjustment Configure the sound Sound settings for the product. The product may become damaged by an electric shock.

The screen keeps switching on and off. Optimum Picture Quality