Microcontrollers- 2nd Ed. Raj Kamal Pearson Education. 3. Port P3. Port P2. P ort P. 1. P ort P. 0. Timer. MCU. MCU (CPU + Internal Resources). The families differ mostly in instruction sets and architecture. The Intel microcontroller, Intel’s first µC, was used in the Magnavox Odyssey² video game. The first controllers to gain really widespread use were the Intel , which was integrated into PC microcontroller is a processor with memory and a whole lot of other .. A basic CPU architecture is depicted in Figure

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It microcontrollr can be as a simple scratch-pad register. Ramadan Al-Azhar University Lecture 3. You always have full use of all kbytes of the external memory space. The data pointer holds a bit address used when addressing external memory. The is probably the most prominent member of Intel’s MCS familiy of microcontrollers. Our broad portfolio of 8XC microcontroller products has been designed to meet your varying peripheral, memory size, addressability and performance requirements.

Intel MCS – Wikipedia

When a port is to be used as an output port the data is put into the corresponding special register. The B register is used during multiply and divide operations as one 8-bit micrrocontroller and to hold the high-order 8 bits.


Other special instructions can address any individual bit in these memory locations. The families differ mostly in instruction sets and architecture. Bit architecgure are very powerful tools when you need to process data words from external hardware devices.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any microxontroller system. Embedded system Programmable logic controller. A register is an 8-bit read-write memory location which is addressed in a single-byte instruction.

Published by Eric Simmons Modified over 3 years ago. Its first members wereand The Microprocessor Theannounced inwas the first bit microprocessor introduced by Intel Corporation is bit MPU. Within each family there are many different CPUs.

Intel MCS-48

The general instructions can address a byte of data at these memory locations. The Microprocessor Architecture. Part of this memory space is often referred to as general purpose registers.

The new microcontrollers are also specially designed to execute C code midrocontroller. Download ppt “Intel Another family of microcontroller is the Intel family. Although not being a typical application for a microcontroller, its purpose was to generate the background music of the game. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

It is a read-write memory space. ALE The address latch enable pin provides an output pulse for latching the low-order byte of the address during access to external memory. Try Findchips PRO for block diagram of microcontroller. The 73KBL is an enhancement of the 73KAL single-chip modem which adds the hybrid hook switch mlcrocontroller, functions on a single substrate, offering excellent performance and a high level of functional integration.


Because of this it is much used in high-volume consumer electronics devices such as TV sets, TV remotes, toys, and other gadgets where cost-cutting is essential. They represent the easiest way to upgrade performance of existing MCS 51 microcontroller applications, delivering up to 15 times the performance.

There are eight registers in each bank. When used to address external memory, two ports provide the memory addressing. This microcontroller family is designed to be an. By calling some memory locations registers, we can access them with single-byte instruction.

Below is but a small list of these companies: The processor can read data from this memory space and can write data to this memory space. The first 32 memory locations can be used as four register banks.