Yet, for me, none can surpass the masterly, elegiac, and widely interpretative Gallipoli published by Australian expatriate, Alan Moorehead. When Turkey unexpectedly sided with Germany in World War I, Winston Churchill , as Sea Lord for the British, conceived a plan: smash through the Dardanelles. As journalism, spare, precise, only rarely- but then superbly- poetic; as history, complete in both detail and context, this dates from the intricate political tangle.

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If it was proof read, a reader is left with the impression that the editors were either incompetent, apathetic, or both. Oct 02, Jean M rated it really liked it Shelves: The beach was so small that they could not get inland. While it is easy to armchair something so thoroughly picked apart by critics, one still comes away utterly incredulous at the stupidity of the British High Command during WWI.

This would be a naval expedition in February to bombard and take the Gallipoli peninsula with Constantinople as its mooreheda so on FEB the assault began with two battleships the Vengeance and Cornwallis plus a French ship, Suffren, that got up close and personal. No matter how hideous the noise, the men moved about apparently oblivious of it all, and with a trained and steady air as though they had lived there all their lives The Turks won a great victory, but still lost mooreehead Empire.

Australia had just unified as a commonwealth of Great Britain, and World War I became the unifying factor, especially the battle fought on a small beachfront in Turkey. Moorehead narrates the impossibilities and hopes of the Gallipoli landings with clarity, humor and generosity towards the Allies and their foes.

GALLIPOLI by Alan Moorehead | Kirkus Reviews

He is also the author of many other notable books, including Gallipoli and Darwin and the Beagle. The book contains some of the best maps I’ve seen in a text of this kind, including three-dimensional renderings of the hills a,an deliver the difficulty of fighting in this terrain much more than a simple topographical map could have.

Very clever and almost no casualties incurred. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

Moorehead’s over-arching theme is one of missed opportunities on sea and land, and of poor decision making. These signs were not enough to put them off the thought that moofehead would be an easy campaign and they would be sipping tea in a captured Constantinople by mid-March. They are going to need the army and an amphibious landing.

Gallipoli – Alan Moorehead – Google Books

The Allied and the Turkish forces fought bravely, often in desperate battles for small gains in the historic lands near where Xerxes crossed the Hellespont, Achilles and Hector fought on the Trojan Plain, where you can swim between Asia and Europe in an hour. According to one of the other books I’ve read on Gallipoli, Moorehead’s is supposed to the the best at that time.


At the height of his success, his writing suddenly stopped and when, 17 years later, his death was announced, he seemed gxllipoli heroic figure from the past. Share your thoughts with other customers. At its end I had a much greater understanding of how the story played out.


Reading his account of this Campaign one is reminded of an earlier and equally pointless Franco-British effort, the Crimean War some sixty years before. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. He was also in charge of intelligence against the V-1 flying bomb and the V-2 rocket retaliation weapons and, although the Germans were some distance behind from success, against their nuclear developments.

There were the French, a splendid sight on the parade ground, their officers in alab and gold, the men in blue breeches and red coats. Account Options Sign in. There are a number of photographs that do zlan to illustrate the events described in the book generals, admirals, etc. It was merely a list of events interspersed with short personal accounts. Blunder after blunder prevented the Allies from penetrating to Constantinople and taking the Gallipoli peninsula and one can only wonder what might have happened had they succeeded.

Gallipoli was only a footnote to the First World War, but contains useful lessons even today.

Again this did not bring success and by 10th August not a single height of any importance at Suvla or Anzac was in British hands and at Cape Helles the battle subsided. Newer Post Older Post Home. It is an objective work by Moorehead, which could be read without any offense. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Seven Victoria Crosses were won by Australians at Lone Pine two posthumously as the Turkish front-line trench was captured at a cost of 2, casualties.

A collection of the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments alwn Churchill’s life. The good comrades, who had come so gaily with us to the wars, who had fought so gallantly by our side, and who would now lie for ever among the barren rocks where they had died… No man was sorry to leave Gallipoli; but few were really glad. Gallipoli Alan Moorehead Limited preview – Jan 13, Bruce rated it did not like it.

The commanding officer General Sir Ian Hamilton never seemed to alna a sense of either the terrain over which his troops were attempting to fight or of the logistical requirements an of an army on a hostile shore.


Conversely he is unstinting in his praise for those unfortunate enough, the junior officers and other ranks, to find themselves fighting the battle, whether on the side of Britain and its allies or on the Turkish side. It has a great account of Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty and Kirchner as the overall head of Britan’s war effort going back and forth as to whether to ever try getting through the Dardanelles strait and trying to take Constantinople and the courting of the ‘Young Turks’ the revolutionaries who overthrew the Sultan by Germany, as well as a really well-writt If you have any interest in military history, it is an exceptionally good account of one of the more notorious campaigns of WW I.

Gallipoli by Alan Moorehead. Moorehead tells this story exceedingly well: After months of bloody stagnation in Europe, certain persons in Britain had an idea for altering the dynamics of the war; invade Turkey, the sick man of Europe, and encourage the Balkan Powers to rise against it. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

Aimed to draw Turkish troops from the Russian Caucasus front and open the Dardanelles to the export of Russian grain and the inflow of Western aid, it was the largest amphibious attack up to its time. The fact that the British did this planning in three weeks explains in part its eventual failure, although to get so many men ashore moorehewd all – it was until that time the largest amphibious operation ever gaplipoli was a kind of success.

In many ways it smacked of Vietnam, where soldiers fought with bravery b Having read dozens of books on WWI, relating to the Western Front, I had yet delved into the Eastern aspect off the war–Gallipoli–and why it failed.

Excellent I’ve read a number of books about Gallipoli and this is one of the best. I gallioli in the pages of this book the ANZAC’s who are worth remembering but not idolizing; a campaign miorehead richly construed was poorly completed; and a fresh appreciation for the horror of war and the humanity that periodically surfaces in the courage and wisdom of minor and great actors in this deadly drama.

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Jan 09, Steve Parcell rated it it was ok. The author of this book, Peter Hart, makes his viewpoint clear by characterizing the idea as an “idiocy generated by muddled thinking. There wasn’t enough emotion for me or how the soldiers felt.