André Villas Boas Scouting Report – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. This report came from scouting by AVB whilst working under Jose Mourinho at Chelsea. I thought it would be interesting to share the level of. How Andre Villas-Boas’ scouting reports helped Chelsea to a win over Newcastle in November New Chelsea manager Andre.

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We’ve seen Anelka and Drogba work it out, although that was different, and I thought maybe Villas-Boas had an idea of how to play these two. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The front three generally featured a striker Falcaoa winger who stayed wide and cut inside Hulk — on the rightand a winger who stayed tucked in, letting a midfielder or full-back break into the space out wide Varela — on the left. The game encapsulated everything that FC Porto did well that year.

Torres has the best complementarity with Anelka, we saw this at Copenhagen and versus West Ham Point 2 is the one that caught my attention.

Tactical Philosophy: Andre Villas-Boas • Outside of the Boot

He wants the Bothan Rport Daily Fail journalists to see this information, so he can destroy the Rebels bas with his scoutting Death Star and fleet of Star Destroyers!! Villas-Boas had changed his tactical focus to start the second era of his tactical compulsions.

It seems we may see the return of crosses from widemen, a tactic which was all but abandoned under Ancelotti. Villas-Boas admits that he has adapted some aspects of his game, particularly in midfield. Another consistent feature of every team Villas-Boas side is the high defensive line.

The Eternal Struggle – http: I think it’s the best pair possible at the moment. It was also the first sign that it would be very difficult to stop Hulk too, who enjoyed his best season under Villas-Boas. Shouldn’t Daily Mail get in trouble for this? Villas-Boas, like Mourinho, places huge importance on transitions as well — the moment the ball is lost or won by the team.


Jenny Watson 7 February at They just zoomed in on his clipboard – it’s hardly hacking a dead girl’s phone in terms of journalistic wrongdoing. Jose M likes this.

Tim Sherwood took over from Villas-Boas, but did no better, suffering just as many thrashings himself against Manchester City and Liverpool again. Villas-Boas analyses every detail.

There have been scoutlng few exceptions. Oliver Brown Adam Johnson is an emblem of football’s broken soul.

Never used Drogba and Torres together during training eithernot once according to eyewitnesses. Eventually though, in his second season, Villas-Boas was dismissed again after a thrashing at the hands of Liverpool.

Jack Coles likes watching any game of football, but with a particular fondness for the Serie ‘A’ and Pep Guardiola. Register now to gain access to all of our features.

He doesn’t plan on playing Drogba and Torres together?? FC Porto stuck steadfastly to for much of the season. Villas-Boas transformed the team aesthetically that season. Whilst Villas-Boas had grown more savvy with his shape, Colin Trainor used Opta Statistics and on his website statsbomb. With apologies for leaking a few of his secrets, Martin Keown and Matt Barlow look at what the Portuguese is working on with his new squad.

As Michael Cox, of zonalmarking.

Playing to the team’s strengths. Don’t Miss Tactical Philosophy: Newer Post Fillas Post Home. The ability of the playing staff at FC Porto in the year Villas-Boas coached them was frankly sickening.

Andre Villas-Boas’ scouting reports…

This is the tactical distinction that defines Villas-Boas — and maybe not for the right reasons. Roman Abramovich will hope his detailed analysis can restore Chelsea to their former glories. Sign In Sign Up. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.


Shut ’em down, Roman! The Portuguese was famed for his detailed scoting dossiers on opposing teams displayed a meticulous eye for detail, and a persistent inability to spell several troublesome words: While this website has made its name focusing on the lesser known youth of this beautiful sport, and combined it with a tinge of tactical flavour meant for the football enthusiast, we found a large gap to be exploited in terms of combining the two.

How future manager’s dossier saw Chelsea crush Newcastle in Redknapp hints at Modric contact.

André Villas Boas Scouting Report

His first season was the best domestic campaign Tottenham have ever had in andrd Premier League. This is particularly true if the pressing from the front is lax, as it was with Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. AVB is putting emphasis on possession out wide. They got their highest points return ever, Villas-Boas won manager of the month twice in December and Februaryand Villas-Boas still has the 3 rd highest win percentage of any Tottenham manager.

Two articles were published online in December demonstrating the struggle the Portuguese manager had changing the philosophy of the Chelsea team, in the Independentand on zonalmarking. He is also interested in the data analysis side of the sport, and how data is used in the game to study opponents, buy players and review performance. Ande would be great if you can provide more details about it.

I’m a bit surprised he didn’t even try. Petersburg were next for Villas-Boas, commenting he did not want to expose himself to the pressure of the English league any longer.