A Withdrawn Specification for Seamless Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes FB Test Method for Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by. Test according to ASTM E Standard Test 6, 28, 2 3. Specific optical density. 0, 1, 0, 2, 1, 8, 3, 7, Astm F 83 Pdf 13 DOWNLOAD. washer must be held between two inch ( 13 mm) nuts that are adjusted to tightly. (ASTM) Standard Test Method ASTM.

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Typically, the D10 poly siloxane-carbonate -containing compositions and corresponding controls were performed on astn single or a twin screw extruder. Soveltuu parhaiten puhtaille ljyille. All ingredients were dry blended for about 4 minutes using a paint shaker or a drum tumbler. UV absorbers are used in amounts of 0. In another embodiment, E has an average value of 5 to 75, specifically 5 to 15, specifically 5 to 12, more specifically 7 to The compositions have an E smoke test D max value of less than when tested at a thickness of v814-83.

In an embodiment, polydiorganosiloxane units are derived from polysiloxane bisphenols of formula It would be a further advantage if such materials could be manufactured to be colorless and transparent. Specifically, a tetrabromobisphenol-A epoxy be used, having 2,4,6-tribromophenol endcaps. The brominated polymers can differ in one or more of a property e.

In an embodiment, the optional third polycarbonate is a homopolymer with Bisphenol-A carbonate units.

Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture thereof and asm comprising the same. Anti-drip agents include a fibril-forming or non-fibril forming fluoropolymer such as polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE.

Similarly, the lower the weight percent of bromine in the second polycarbonate, the higher the fractional concentration of the second polycarbonate, based on the total weight of the first, second and optionally third polycarbonate.

By contrast EX 30 with poly siloxane-carbonate present passes the DsMax test target value of less than with a value of only Such cyclohexane-containing bisphenols, for example the reaction product of two moles of a phenol with one mole of a hydrogenated isophorone, are useful for making polycarbonate polymers with high glass transition temperatures and high heat distortion temperatures. Such compositions are especially useful in the manufacture of flame retardant, low smoke polycarbonate sheets that can be used, for example, in aircraft, train, marine, or other transportation applications.


The total amount of additives other than any filler or reinforcing agents is generally 0.

The composition of claim 1wherein the E smoke test Dmax has a value of less than when tested at a thickness of 1. The siloxane blocks have an average of 20 to 85 units. The poly siloxane copolymer compositions, for example the poly siloxane-etherimide copolymer compositions, can further be formulated to have a hydrogen to carbon ratio of 0.

In the polycarbonate compositions comprising the first polycarbonate the poly siloxane-carbonate and the second, brominated polycarbonate the TBBPA copolymeran optional third polycarbonate can be present that is not same as the first poly siloxane-carbonate asfm the second TBBPA copolymer.

Die Awtm betrifft eine ultra-leichte hitze- und flammbestndige oder -verzgernde Verbundplatte bzw. A specifically useful melt process for making polycarbonates uses a diaryl carbonate ester having electron-withdrawing substituents on the aryls. The article of claim 27wherein the article is selected from an access panel, access door, air flow regulator, air gasper, air grille, arm rest, baggage storage door, balcony component, cabinet wall, ceiling panel, door pull, door handle, duct housing, enclosure for an electronic device, equipment housing, d814-83 panel, floor panel, food cart, food tray, galley surface, handle, housing for television, light panel, magazine rack, telephone housing, partition, part for trolley cart, seat back, seat component, railing component, seat housing, shelve, side wall, speaker housing, storage compartment, storage housing, toilet seat, tray table, tray, trim panel, window molding, window slide, or window.

In an embodiment, one atom separates A 1 from A 2. Non-brominated and non-chlorinated phosphorus-containing flame retardants can be added for certain applications, for example organic compounds containing phosphorus-nitrogen bonds.


Of course, two or more different poly siloxane copolymers aztm be used with two or more different brominated polymers. In particular, use of aliphatic f8814-83 is minimized in order to maintain the flammability performance of the polycarbonates.

NBS Smoke Density Chamber, Smoke Toxicity Chamber, ASTM Smoke Density Chamber

The first, second, and optional third polycarbonate are further selected and used in amounts effective to satisfy the heat release rates described in FAR F Thermoplastic compositions having low smoke, methods of their manufacture, and uses thereof. Combinations of different brominated epoxy oligomers can be used.

Specific examples include trimellitic acid, trimellitic anhydride, trimellitic trichloride, tris-p-hydroxy phenyl ethane THPEisatin-bis-phenol, tris-phenol TC 1,3,5-tris p-hydroxyphenyl isopropyl benzenetris-phenol PA 4 4 1,1-bis p-hydroxyphenyl -ethyl alpha, alpha-dimethyl benzyl phenol4-chloroformyl phthalic anhydride, trimesic acid, and benzophenone tetracarboxylic acid. The polysiloxane units can be.

Govmark Fire & Flammability Test Instruments

In an embodiment, the transparent polycarbonate compositions are used for the manufacture of balcony components, balusters for stairs and balconies, ceiling panels, covers for life vests, covers for storage bins, dust covers f84-83 windows, layers of an electrochromic device, lenses for televisions, electronic displays, gauges, or instrument panels, light covers, light diffusers, f81-483 tubes and light pipes, mirrors, partitions, railings, refrigerator doors, shower doors, sink bowls, trolley cart containers, trolley cart side panels, windows, or the like, particularly in aircraft, marine transports, or trains.

Results are in Table 8. Brominated polycarbonate oligomers are disclosed, for example, in U. The Mw is about 30, Daltons.