La Sonnambula (Vincenzo Bellini): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. di Felice Romani ; musica di Vincenzo Bellini. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Two acts; “Elenco dei libretti “–back cover. Libretto. Sheet Music – £ – Bellini, Vincenzo – La Sonnambula (Libretto) Opera.

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As can be seen in the list in the “Recordings” section, live performances in the s there being two by Callas in those years and from the s have been recorded on CD and DVD.

Was hab ich nur getan?

She is the owner sonnamnula the mill and had adopted Amina many years before. L’aura che spira Dei giuramenti nostri anco risuona He has abandoned me. She wakes to find Elvino kneeling at her feet.

While sleepwalking, Amina prays for Elvino and then sings her sorrow. Il mio ben non sei tu? While not part of the standard repertory, La sonnambula is bellinii reasonably frequently in the 21st century.

Er liebte mich wie seinen eigenen Sohn. Noi preghiamo, insistiam riverenti I am without blame. Lisa enters Rodolfo’s room to see if all is well.


OPERA-GUIDE: La Sonnambula

Der Graf sagt, sie sei ehrbar, ja, sie sei unschuldig, er ist bereits auf dem Weg. LISA Che non mi vegga alcuno.

Now you’ve come back to me I think of the past no more; I libreto only the bright future that awaits me at last. Only Teresa believes in her innocence: Potria novel vigore Il pianto mio recarti Aminaan orphan who has been adopted by Teresa, engaged to Elvino.

The breeze that blows still echoes our vows A stranger arrives, asking the way to the castle. CHOR Sie lebe hoch! As they are about to go to the church, Rodolfo enters and tries to explain that Amina is innocent because she did not come to his room awake — she is a somnambulist, a sleepwalker: A tai detti, llbretto siffatti argomenti Wie kam sie herein?

La Sonnambula

Elvino steckt Amina den Ring an den Finger. Sacro ti librwtto tal dono Come fu sacro a lei; Sia de’ tuoi voti e miei Fido custode ognor. Rodolfo mit Lisa und die anderen, ausser Amina und Elvino, gehen fort.

Ah mi abbraccia, e sempre insieme Sempre uniti in una speme, Della terra in cui viviamo Ci formiamo brllini ciel d’amor. She is flattered when he begins a flirtation with her, but runs out at the sound of people approaching, dropping her handkerchief which the Count picks up.


CHOR Da ist er ja!

Teresa sostiene Amina quasi spirante. Scendono dalle colline Villani e Villanelle, tutti vestiti da festa, con strumenti villerecci e canestri di fiori.

Es erging dir wie der Liebe, die nur einen Tag dauerte. Elvino, embarrassed, lets go of Lisa’s hand.

La Sonnambula (Libretto) Opera

When we’re there, what can we say to touch his heart? A fosco cielo, a notte bruna, Al fioco raggio d’incerta luna, Al cupo suono di tuon lontano Dal colle al pian un’ombra appar. Amina still deserves your love and respect. In bianco avvolta lenzuol cadente, Col crin disciolto, con occhio ardente, Qual densa nebbia dal vento mossa, Avanza, ingrossa, immensa par.

All turn to watch her, terrified. Ei si mostra commosso, convinto: Innocent Amina, so dear to us, made lovelier by your grief. He’ll trust us, promise. Siam noi Presso il poder d’Elvino.