KCK Eşbaşkanı Cemil Bayık geçtiğimiz haftaki açıklamasında “1 Eylül’e Türkçe’ den Mahmut Hamsici’ye bir röportaj vermiş ve 1 Eylül tarihini. Fotograflar İlker Akgüngör Türkiye ve Ortadoğuda kim PKK ile ortak Cemil Bayık ile söyleşi (30 Ocak )-Tam metin . O tarihten beri biz hep Kürt sorununun demokratik, siyasal yöntemle çözülmesinde ısrar ediyoruz. Cemil Bayık . 13 Ocak tarihinde Çınar, Diyarbakır’da PKK tarafından içerisinde polis lojmanları bulunan İlçe Emniyet Müdürlüğü’ne düzenlenen bombalı.

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In a certain sense, we might define this as a belated attempt. We are proud to have had a revolutionary from Turkey like Haki Karer within the ranks of the Communist Movement, which is in the process of being established in our country, and who, while coming in a heroic way came to the forefront of anti-colonial struggle, fell martyr … Haki Karer is a perpetually burning torch in the Kurdistan Liberation Struggle.

Washington’s plan to separate YPG from PKK won’t fool anyone in Turkey | SETA

Nobody takes seriously the claim that the U. Several soldiers and officers were killed and wounded. A clear political and theoretically rigorous line was lacking, with Kemalist nationalism — or social-chauvinism — in particular forming an obstacle to the progress of the left PKK ; PKK New Left Reviewccemil, pp.

In this article, we will discuss the contentious relationship between the PKK and the left, and the critique of the PKK on the left tariui Turkey i. The radical left in Turkey, that is, was crucially defined through Kemalism by the same force colonialism it was fighting to be free from i. In this article, we will attempt to make sense of the PKK in terms of its vision of and relation to the left.

There are several ways to answer that question. It pkk not a matter of wishing success to the victim of aggression, but of sharing his fate; one must accompany him to his death or to victory.


The coup was followed by a new constitution, the most liberal Turkey had ever had, creating political opportunities for the public expression of leftist politics.

In the first bayj they met almost every evening, this core of people and others who were introduced by one of group. And since the main political struggle was the struggle against capitalism and imperialism, the struggle of the Kurds needed to take place in the context of a common Turkish-Kurdish struggle against capitalism:.

His ability to engage into dialogue with both young and old, men and women, is celebrated.

In Turkey the differentiation is not on the basis of nation, but p,k the basis of class. Each of these currents, however, are split into various factions, so the division was much more serious than this simple duality suggest. In practice, this was is an intense process of thinking, discussion, reflection and self -criticism, a kind of focused group study.

This contradiction had produced divergent left-wing nationalisms, one Turkish the other Kurdish, instead of a revolutionary left in Turkey. The national democratic revolutionaries, on the other hand, held that Turkey was still a semi-feudal society and, rather than being fully independent, was dominated by the United States.

The PKK is and has always been primarily a political organization, prompted to use violence in circumstances in which there was no alternative legally permitted avenue of genuine political expression Bozarslan They were among the brightest students of their year personal communication with Ibrahim Aydin, This was cemkl by a period of assimilation, symbolized in boarding schools, which were used for the Turkish state enculturation of the Kurdish youth, and then, from the s onwards, a period of economic colonization, symbolized by state-led agricultural modernization which functioned to break up bwyk traditional tribal-based structures of Kurdish society Kurdistan Devrimcileri The question is why the United States took this significant step and what it hopes to accomplish.


Perspective | The U.S. Rewards Offer for Three Top Leaders of the PKK: A Well-Thought-Out Plan?

On the other hand, it should be noted that the Kurdish movement in Turkey in general since the s has been influenced by the leftist movements of the period. Nor is Turkey intimidated by the prospect of a U.

In Northern Turkish Kurdistan they identified a process distinguished by three phases. According to Baki Karer, the brother of Haki, Hak The distinctiveness of the PKK in this regard can be seen by the fact that in no other Kurdish organization included, from their outset, people of Turkish origins, like Haki Karer and others, and especially none who have played such a decisive role.

PKK ‘çekilmeyi durdurdu’

Unlike most Kurdish political parties, which have adopted a rather conservative outlook and been organized around tribal leaders and structures, the PKK originated from the left in Turkey and drew its leaders, members ccemil militants from the disenfranchised and marginalized.

In other words, the Kurdistan National Liberation Struggle will free the Left in Turkey from its social-chauvinist illness.

bsyk The commemorative booklet, published in Mayhad been the first attempt to define the heritage of Haki Karer and his meaning for the revolutionary struggle. Is this your faithfulness to Haki? Akkaya and JongerdenJongerden and Akkaya Radical ideas for societal change gained credits, even more since people started to believe cwmil action could really make a difference.

Hasty organization and immediate action followed each other apace, poorly thought out and under-planned, they concluded.

Both Che and Haki participated and played a leading role in the struggle of the oppressed outside the land where they were born and raised.