Bryan Chapell, Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon. Second Edition. Baker, pages. $ “Three points. When we speak of Christ-centered preaching, it is hard not to think and speak of Bryan Chapell, the President Emeritus of Covenant Seminary. Christ-Centered Preaching will make a difference to generations of seminary . The best book I have read is Bryan Chapell’s, Christ-Centered Preaching.

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Praise God for a preaching textbook so full of grace. He also provides help for special preaching situations. But that is not all. May the book be used for the Lord’s glory and the edification of his people. There were a number of things I found frustrating about this book though. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Christ-Centered Preaching.

A must for every preacher who would handle Scripture in a proper brayn. I was technically “reading” this book for almost 2 years, it’s much too good of a book to give up on, but both dense and not exactly gripping.

Rather it must be appropriated, deconstructed, and made more relevant. The book is certainly worth chhapell for these two topics alone! It is broken up into three sections principles, preacching, and theology and has a wealth of additional information in the appendixes everything from how to dress and speak to how to prepare a funeral message. This list may be beside the point, but the same could be said of this section in chapter ten.

Hoganformer professor emeritus of preaching, Reformed Theological Seminary “The strong technical and philosophical underpinnings behind Christ-Centered Preaching are wonderfully illumined by its high degree of readability. I have read many books on preaching, but this one is on the top of the list. It is both clear and comprehensive. Before becoming president inhe served for six years as vice president for academics and dean of faculty.

The author writes clearly and well. There is also just an awkwardness that I felt when reading some of his thoughts. I say that for a variety of reasons. Chapell explains illustration as a way for hearers to remember the application, and he emphasizes that the application should be strong throughout the sermon—not merely as a concluding thought.


Which just seems a little off to me.

It brryan one of only a few books that I return to over and over again and it always proves more helpful than I remembered. Over the two decades that Christ-Centered Preaching has been in print, Chapell has received some criticism for his emphasis on the FCF. Feb 14, Michael Chen rated it liked it.

Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon

Not much particularly new, but still good. Chapell’s seminary students sit at the feet of a master preacher. This chrsit something lacking in Chapell’s hermeneutical theory. That has given Chapell a significant influence in the training of future preachers.

The author writes clearly and well. The first section focuses on principles—the philosophy, goals, biblical basis, and definition of expository preaching. For one, here is a book that is clearly written, well prreaching, complete with questions and exercises. The bibliography in the back of the book includes over two hundred titles and Chapell seems to quote from the majority of them.

The real contribution of Lreaching Preaching, however, is revealed in its title. The Gospel-centered emphasis makes it even better than other similar works, such as Haddon Robinson’s ‘Biblical Preaching’ and it is not dull like Shaddix’s ‘Power in the Pulpit. Both for understanding how I think through biblical issues, and for having language to talk about the sermons I listen to.

The centrality of this idea to the whole of Chapell’s volume, and its position as integral to everything from introductions to conclusions–along with his attention to transitions, structures, applications, illustrations, and presentations–makes this volume not only contemporary but also unique and will assure its influence for many years. That was fitting and the book deserves a place on the list of required reading for anyone interested in homiletics.


Packer, professor emeritus of theology, Regent College “This is an outstanding book that will be of interest to anyone committed to biblical preaching. Must read for every preacher of the Gospel.

And he has good examples and thorough explanations. Jul 26, Phil Dunn rated it it was amazing. Overall, it erred on the side of repetitive; though it is hard to criticize an author or speaker for reiterating material that is near and dear to their hearts. However, the way he presents the material is bloated and more confusing than it needs to be and kind of brings the whole things down.

Preaching that conforms to the pattern set here will certainly be edifying, and the techniques proposed could sustain over many years an expository ministry that would not at any stage be found wearisome. Neither is it some jargon-ridden, dry academic book fit only for the scholar.

This book will be in the classrooms and on the desks of preachers for years to come. It is a great contribution to preachers, and I feel as if I received a seminary education in reading it. Statements like this, while helpful in and of themselves, seem to go a long way towards dispelling some of the common stereotypes that might be associated with a Presbyterian homiletics professor.

It is not supplemental, but subversive.

Christ-Centered Preaching, 2nd Edition | Baker Publishing Group

Chapell’s seminary students sit at the feet of a master preacher. But this new world is not just any world. It addresses theology and practice of Chspell or redemptive expository preaching, as well as general preaching theory, and it is a bit repetitive at times. The layout is logical, the outlines are clear, and the understanding of communication is shrewd.