See the datasheet for the MPPS information for each model. Q. Do the Cisco Catalyst X and X Series Switches consume less power than the Cisco . The Cisco Catalyst X Series with StackWise Plus technology provides scalability, ease of management and investment protection for the evolving business. Are you looking for a new switch that enhances worker productivity by enabling applications such as encryption, IP telephony, wireless, and video? Do you need .

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Cisco Catalyst 3750X-48P-S – switch – 48 ports – Managed – rack-mountable

7350x Date Hardware warranty commences from the date of shipment to customer and in case of resale by a Cisco reseller, not more than 90 days after original shipment by Cisco.

The true borderless experience is enabled by the following feature sets in the Cisco Catalyst X Series Switches: Call a Specialist Today!

Local switching packets coming into a port in the Cisco Catalyst X Series or E Series Switch destined for another port in the same switch do not have to traverse through the stack ring, thus increasing the forwarding capacity of the switch. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Vatasheet high-availability features include but are not limited to: Faster link wake time improves the user’s experience by allowing a faster transition for the client device from the sleep to active and connected state.

Miscellaneous Rack Mounting Kit. When used with the Cisco Catalyst X, it provides RPS functionality, but when used with the Cisco Catalyst X, it provides StackPower functionality to all the stack members, including power supply redundancy. Cisco or its service center will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship a replacement for next business day delivery, where available.

The inability to locate assets in real time and to help ensure their availability when and where they are needed limits reaction time and efficiency. Mobile by Morgan Little Oct 26, Network visibility and control provide centralized visibility into wired and wireless devices on the network and their location.


Prior to the EEE standard, it was a common practice for client devices such as personal computers dattasheet servers to save power during sleep states by renegotiating the Ethernet link to a lower speed. Table 6 shows the different power supplies available in these switches and available PoE power.

Each switch in the stack can serve as a master, creating a 1: Static routing dztasheet routes with LAN Base feature set. Table 1 shows the Cisco Catalyst X Series configurations.

Cisco Catalyst XT-S WS-CXT-S Data Sheet – Page 1 of 28 |

EoL Policy In the event of discontinuance of product manufacture, Cisco warranty support is limited to 5 years datashwet the announcement of discontinuance. Cisco Catalyst X Series Switches. Otherwise, a replacement will be shipped within ten 10 working days after receipt of the RMA request. Access switches are an order of magnitude greater than distribution and core which makes them scale well for FNF and ensure there are no performance impacts of oversubscription at aggregation and core.

The true borderless experience is enabled by the following feature sets in the Cisco Catalyst X Series Switches:. N availability scheme for network control.

Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Series Switches Data Sheet

Strict priority queuing helps ensure that the highest-priority packets datashet serviced ahead of all other traffic. It not only provides the functionalities offered by the RPS but also provides enhanced services with the support for Cisco StackPower technology. In farm country, forget broadband. The Cisco Catalyst X ports are capable of reduced power modes so that ports not in use can move into a lower power utilization state.

Cisco Catalyst X Stackable Port Switch |

Superior Quality of Service The Cisco Catalyst X Series offers GbE speed with intelligent services that keep ciwco flowing smoothly, even at 10 times the normal network speed. It offers flexibility with the user being able to define flows.

Enabling FNF at the access switch ensures you get all flows.

Threat Defense Cisco Integrated Security Features is an industry-leading solution available on Cisco Catalyst Switches that proactively protects your critical network infrastructure. Private VLANs restrict traffic between hosts in a common segment by segregating traffic at Layer 2, turning a broadcast segment into a nonbroadcast multiaccesslike segment. Stacked units behave as a single spanning-tree node. These switches provide high availability, scalability, security, energy efficiency, and ease of operation with innovative features such as IEEE Location based policy allows greater control and visibility.


Cisco StackWise Plus technology is built on the highly successful industry leading StackWise technology, which is a premium stacking architecture optimized for GbE.

In the event of discontinuance of product manufacture, Cisco warranty support is limited to 5 years from the announcement of discontinuance.

At this time the network interface can be completely inactive and able to be woken on demand by remote request. These new capabilities include:. Using EEM, customers can adapt the behavior of their network devices to align with their business needs. Sustainability Ease of operations Borderless security Borderless experience Sustainability Cisco Catalyst switching solutions enable greener practices through measurable power efficiency, integrated services, and continuous innovations such as Cisco EnergyWise, an enterprisewide solution that monitors and conserves energy with customized policies.

IP Services feature set is required. The access switch has a variety of identity mechanism for user authentication and adding user awareness is the natural progression that can be developed.

Location Awareness and Mobility In order to provide delivery of a best-in-class network experience to end users, it’s critical for network access to be location aware.

Smart Home by Brian Bennett Dec 3, The borderless security is enabled by the following feature sets in the Cisco Catalyst X Series Switches:. License types can be changed, or upgraded, to activate a different feature set. In power sharing mode, the power of all the power supplies in the stack is aggregated and distributed among the switches in the stack.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. The Cisco Catalyst X Series introduces Cisco StackPower technology, innovative power interconnect system that allows the power supplies in a stack to be shared as a common resource among all the switches.