Hattox, Ralph S. Coffee and Coffeehouses: The Origins of a Social Beverage in the Medieval Near East. Seattle and London: University of Washington Press. Coffee and Coffeehouses has 70 ratings and 11 reviews. J.M. said: Not so much a history of coffee and its public institutions, as a look at how something. Coffee and Coffeehouses: The Origins of a Social Beverage in the Medieval Near East. Front Cover. Ralph S Hattox. University of Washington Press,

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Of the physicians whose works we have discussed, Zaynl is alone in his unequivocally hostile attitude toward coffee.

Coffee and Coffeehouses / Ralph S. Hattox

Medical opinion on coffee as we have it from Muslim sources, then, is at best or worst mixed. Believers are actively discouraged from letting their piety spill over into sanctimonious asceticism, and from prohibiting those things that God has provided for the be- lievers.

When a Turk falls sick, he fasts and takes Cophie, and if that will not doe, he makes his will, and thinks of codfeehouses other Physic. He knew only of a gathering, and this in itself was sufficient to cause alarm. Their principle, that all things that produce intoxication are prohibited, obviously admits a number of substances that are not strictly speak- ing wine.

Scott Canion rated it really liked it Jan 27, Such a historian amd a few centuries later must reconcile the dates given in his sources with other information, and with his own powers of reason, but generally he is work- ing within a fairly narrow stretch of time.

Keall Royal Ontario Museum. It is from this point that the stories diverge.

Coffee and Coffeehouses

With its fascinating analysis of the legal debate over coffee and its colorful description of the development of coffeehouses in the Middle East, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in the rise coffeehoused coffee as a social beverage. Somebody who eats them will find, after dining, certain changes in himself, such as [illegible] coffeehouees the body, and signs of redness and protrusion of the eyes.


Is it at all likely, asked Jazlrl, that one with these responsibilities would have been completely unaware of a practice that had been going on more or less openly for several years? Mustafa Altug Yayla rated it liked it Jan 11, doffee To the ShafflTs, Malikls, and HanbalTs, it is the potential of a beverage to make one drunk, if taken in large amounts, that makes it prohibited, and makes the drinker subject to corporal chas- tisement.

Daniel Coff- man, for his copious comments and criticisms of the origi- nal manuscript; John R. In those cofteehouses few moments he knew nothing if we are to believe the official account of coffee or coffeehouses, of mental or physical harm, or coffeehouees intoxication.

European interest in coffee in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, far from being limited to coffee as an imported commodity, focused as well on botanical considerations. He tells us that it causes hemor- rhoids bawasir and recurring headaches. While not all edicts against coffee or coffeehouses were overturned by official proclamation, as happened in Mecca innonetheless there is a consistent pattern of failure for such efforts.

Full text of “Coffee And Coffeehouses”

A century and a half later, Katib Qelebi confirmed this practice: It seems that the opponents of coffee who resorted to this sort of argument were definitely fighting a rear-guard action. To begin with, while a fair X amount of contemporary material exists concerning the coffee debate of the sixteenth century, which indeed forms the core of the work, much valuable material from a later age was found, and many of these works furnished detail that could be found in no other place.


For reasons that will become apparent in subsequent chapters, the coming of coffee was noticed and recorded within a comparatively short time.

It is not possible for a Muslim to claim that coffee — even in tremen- dous amounts- inflicts on the drinker the same sort of effects that come from drinking wine or coffeehouess hashish or harsh: In spite of the considerable respect in which he was held by scholars of his time, Sunbatl was subjected to ane merciless poetic satire that is the customary lot of one whose decision, unpopular with the literati, is overturned by a higher authority.

Vendeur de caffe par les rues van Moor The use of this drink may very well have originated with a Sufi shaykh of the Shadhillya order. This was not, however, the case. In such a case, the fault lies with the drinker, not with the beverage itself.

Anx went to their shops or workplaces, bargained in the markets, went to the baths, and went home at night to their families.

Coffee and Coffeehouses by Ralph S. Hattox

Even the effort to sup- press the consumption of so obviously illegal a commodity as wine had to be repeated every few years, and clearly had little effect on actual practice. This, the author of the treatise points out, was all so much rubbish. It is an opinion. Such a blessing was not to be used lightly or for frivolous purposes.