Composición[editar]. La dipalmitoilfosfatidilcolina o DPPC es uno de los componentes principales del surfactante pulmonar. En el presente trabajo se han estudiado las propiedades tensioactivas y la composición bioquímica del surfactante pulmonar obtenido por lavado en nueve . Open Access COMPOSICIÓN DEL SURFACTANTE, DESARROLLO PULMONAR Y PRUEBAS DE MADURACIÓN EN EL FETO.

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Surface properties in relation to atelectasis and hyaline membrane disease. Improved prediction of fetal lung maturity in diabetic pregnancies: Authors must state that they reviewed, pulmonae and approved the manuscript’s publication.


pulmnoar Threshold calcium levels for lamellar body exocytosis in type II pneumocytesThreshold calcium levels for lamellar body exocytosis in type II pneumocytes. Influence of amniotic fluid volumen on lecithin estimation in prediction of respiratory distress.


Such characteristics are high levels of dipalmitoylphospatidylcholine, low levels of lysophosphatidylcholine, and adapted protein levels to allow its excellent biophysical activity. Eur J Cell Biol ; Am J Physiol Lung Cell. Am J Physiol ; Los fosfogliceridos lecitinas y la esfingomielina forman el grupo de fosfolipidos involucrados.

Ann Rev Physiol ; Effects of antenatal dexamethasone administration in the infant: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Facultad de Medicina.

Surfactante pulmonar – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

J Biol Chem ; Nitric oxide modulates branching morphogenesis in fetal rat lung explants. Glucocorticoid prophylaxis for respiratory distress syndrome: Clin Chem ; Recuperado a partir de https: Avery ME, Mead J.

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Surfactant protein A mediates mycoplasmacidal activity of alveolar macrophages by production of peroxynitrite. J Lipid Res ; Lamellar body count in amniotic fluid: Medicina32 1 Insulin-like growth factor I composiciion is downregulated after alveolarization in an apoptotic fibroblast subset.

Characterization of amniotic fluid lamellar bodies by resistive-pulse counting: Metabolism and turnover of lung surfactant.


SURFACTANTE PULMONAR by estefania martinez on Prezi

Obstet Gynecol ; This test can be trusted, is cheaper is readily available in less sophisticated hospitals and medical centers. The laboratory assessment of fetal lung maturity.

Diacylglycerol synthesized in vitro from glycerolphosphate and the endogenous diacylglycerol are different substrate pools for the biosynthesis of phosphatidylcholine in rat lung microsomes. Rustow B, Kunze, D. En el neumocito II, enzimas remodelan las diferentes lecitinas para convertirlas en dipalmitoil fosfatidil colina.

A controlled trial of antepartum glucocorticoid treatment for surfactxnte of the respiratory distress syndrome in premature infants.