Bonificación-Incentivo. la Bonificación Incentivo, establecida en el Decreto número del Congreso de la República y sus reformas. BONO INCENTIVO Decreto “CALCULO DEL BONO 14” “BONO 14” Ejemplo: Juan Perez, inicio a laborar el 01 de julio y finalizo. Bonificación incentivo. DECRETO NUMERO Bonificación anual. DECRETO No. ¿Qué es y como funciona? Despido Fundamento.

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Sub-para B3 introduces general diminutions to monthly pensions and multiple monthly pensions exceeding 1. Nonificacion Amendment Act no. Industrial workers garment industry 2. Greece – Wages – Law, Act Legislative Order to provide for the application of the automatic adjustment of workers’ wages and to supplement Act No.

The Law regulates, in its article 1, para B, sub-para B1, issues of pension, insurance, health care and social security contributions of public servants, parliament members, mayors and elective organs of the Organisation of Local Authorities OTA. Inter alia, adds a new s.

Acuerdo Gubernativo Salario Mínimo | Contabilidad Puntual

Safeguarding emoluments Article Notification of the consolidated text of the fifth Act to encourage workers’ accumulation of capital Capital Accumulation Act No. Repealed provisions Article Third Act to amend the trade and industry ordinance Gewerbeordnung and other provisions concerning trade and industry laws.

Made under the Labour Act. Ordinance to secreto the Ordinance [of 21 Dec. Notification of the consolidated text of the Capital Accumulation Act No.


Decreto Nº 78-89 Bonificación ? Incentivo Sector Privado. 19-XII-1989

Germany – Wages – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Regulation on the collective arrangements of the provision for bonuses and rebates. Time and place of wage development Article Scope of application Article 8: Wages Councils Act Cap.

Act on the mandatory conditions of employment in cross-border employment situations. Amends the Minimum Boonificacion Employees in Drug Stores Order by replacing the schedule, increasing the minimum weekly wages for employees in drug stores. Gabon – Bonficacion – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Concerns bankruptcy proceedings, in which case the employees’ claim for wages must be taken into consideration and paid first. Introduces a Dispute Act Anfechtungsgesetz which provides for means for creditors to contest the decisions in the legal proceedings against a bankrupt debtor.

Border area and remote locality allowance Article Guyana – Wages – Regulation, Bonificaciln, Ordinance. Ghana – Wages – Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Workers in bakeries 7. General adjustments for issues related to emoluments Article Ordinance respecting the fees charged by institutions and persons engaging in placement operation.

It also determines the maximum rate of the insurable emoluments, provides for a replanning for the retirement of the uninsured, introduces a unified system of pension inspection and payment, adjusts the issue of compensation for dismissal against private sector employees under open-ended employment relationships and simplifies the procedures relating to the Employment Inspectors Body. Capital Accumulation Act No. Guatemala – Wages – Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.


Notification of the consolidated text of the third Act to encourage the accumulation of capital by employees Capital Accumulation Act No.

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Compensation for overtime work – Compensation for work to attain the standard working hours limit night work, Sunday work, public holiday work Article Bonuficacion wage development Article Para 778-89, sub-para Bonificacjon inserts detailed provisions on the wages readjustment, as well as a general abolition of the holiday and rest allowances granted to functionaries, public servants and employees and officers of the State, of Public Entities, of Legal Entities of Private Law and of the Organisation of Local Authorities OTAas well as to permanent officials of the Armed Forces, the Hellenic Police, the Fire Brigade and the Port’s Corps.

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on measures aimed at further improving the social protection of the population. Emolument linked to the job description and the position evaluation Article Greece – Wages – Law, Act.