The best means for this is Dhyana. Today, men with new fangled ideas argue how Dhyana is to be done and even why it should be done. But they do not know . Dhyana Vahini. Series: Vahini, Book 3 want to lead a God-centric life, careful reading of this Vahini will help them to reach the goal of life. Dhyana Vahini – Kindle edition by SSSST Publications Division, N. Kasturi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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These three make Prema grow in man more and more. Why should the travellers wrangle through the night over useless things, instead of getting ready to leave the caravanserai at dawn, and starting out on the next stage of their pilgrimage?

Therefore, begin Dyanam, each one of you from today, even from this moment! Paramatma has six chief characteristics; completest Jnana, completest Vairagya, fullest Beauty, the fullest Splendour power, undiminished Fame, and inexhaustible Fortune. How can purity and impurity co-exist?

Dhyana Vahini

Know yourself as the indestructible Atma. But today it has become the habit of man to curdle the Prema, these embodiments of Love into Poison through their ignorance of the role of helpfulness which these guides have come to play. Note this one point! How to use the body as an implement, as a boat for example, to cross the stream of life? Teachings of the Hindu Mystics. Attaining the transcendent experience, the Yogi finishes dhyanz Dhyana and moves among men resplendent with divinity!

Overall rating No ratings yet 0. What remains is only dnyana them into actual practice by the Sadhaka.


That is to say, he must discriminate and train himself to realise that everything is as illusory as the ghost in the well! This is very necessary. To quote Bhagawan, “Control the dhyanw, which run helter-skelter; then, the origins of the disease will be destroyed. The seen is Transitory; this is seen through Dhyana. If room is given for these and if one sways between impatience and sloth, and if one always worries oneself feeling, “Why has it not come yet?

A mind free from Vasana is transmuted and is ehyana longer Mind. Therefore, Buddhi and Manas have to be taught the art of drawing the cart and moving steadily along the road.

Of these two, one, boisterous and bright; the other, quiet and secluded; upon which would you have built your trust? Place a mat of Durbha grass on it, spread a deer-skin on the mat and have a thin white cloth laid on the skin. The troubles and tribulations that come in the wake of an attempt to destroy the undesirable activities of the mind will disappear through the strict course and rules described already.

So, earlier than the journey, the bullocks – Buddhi and Manas – should be conversant with the road to the village which the Anthah-karana is eager to reach.

So dhgana, when impure Vasanas are overcome through the influence of pure Vasanas, one has to outgrow both. The Vasanas operate because of the Prana.


Raga means attachment or attraction. In the former type of Sadhana, the practices differ according to the caste or vahink. Prakriti is related to Vishaya: Man has to undertake Dhyanam and Dharana in order to destroy these Vasanas. But the road is missed, since he is unaware of this truth.


If they are absent, the mind dhyanq pellucid and pure. The goal of life, that which makes life worth while, is the understanding of the Atma or, in other words, the basis of Jiva. There is nothing impure in the world. Vaihni to demonstrate it by deeds is easier and more pleasant! Finding Rest in Meditation. This is indeed a very awesome scene. In the case of the Form, there is the chance of dread mixed with respect; and sometimes, even attributes causing fear show themselves.

So there is every likelihood of the Lord being forgotten when these powers come.

They will always be seeking the eternal Truth that lies behind the dreamlike illusions of this world. Therefore, repeat the Name without intermission and without faltering.

So the purpose of Ekagratha or Concentration is to make you stick to the Namam, without altering it and to keep its Rupa always in sight. They are all holy; their careers are blameless; therefore, to discuss them and their lives is worth while, and beneficial.

Through welfare alone can peace, joy and progress be attained.

Smashwords – Dhyana Vahini – a book by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Fix it there in the beginning and then turn the vision on to the Name and Form you have in mind; that is Dhyanam. One cannot exist without activity; so, one must of necessity act through ‘good’ qualities. Concentration is essential for all.