dold rp pdf Dold Relays Network Catalog Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Scribd is the world’s largest social. The voltage and frequency monitors from DOLD are the optimal solution for grid monitoring during energy RP 3-phase voltage measurement to neutral. [email protected] • . Dold Electric Taicang Co., Ltd. RP Voltage and frequency monitor for generator sets on public grid acc.

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IKIK Remote control switches Specific installation devices Time switches. Undervoltage relay for medical areas acc.

Solutions for Energy technology – DOLD

Manufacture of other electrical equipment. Special-purpose devices for specific applications are certified according to relevant norms, e. Need dod contact info for a particular supplier? Measuring relays for power generation systems. Kontrola napt a kmitotu psob na oddlen vstupn rel.

Thus, these products also protect complex systems and ensure an optimal production sequence. IKIL Manufacture of glass and glass products, ceramic products and other non-metallic mineral products.

Using a proximity switch the rotational speed is converted in dolf proportional frequency. Current relays Very wide application range for currents from 2 mA up to A in a compact design.


Khushali | DOLD

Fp9800 one system phase fails, electrical drives can run on, but they can no longer reverse or restart. The products are equipped with differentfunctions depending on the application and compliance requirements.

Neutral monitors Protect loads against overvoltage and its consequential damages. Frequency relays Work on the principle of frequency comparison: MK N, MH Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.

Compared to voltage relays they have the advantage that they respond in the case of a system phase failure, even if the missing system phase is generated and recovered by the motor.

Load monitors, overload monitors, load transformers Used in manufacturing lines, materials handling, packing machines, filling plants or crushing mills, for example. Underpower monitors Monitor single- and three-phase asynchronous motors undirectionally for underpower and no-load operation, e. Use of neutral monitors for ohmic and single-phase motive-power loads.

Width Module translation not found: Assemblies and metal structures. Wide Signal Measurement Range Suitable for use with all types of 1 e The RP monitors the voltage of the 3 phases against neutral indicating over and undervoltage. Our competitive edge becomes yours. Hydraulics, pneumatics and sealing technology.


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Phase-sequence relays Protection of personnel and equipment by monitoring the correct sense of rotation at motor start. Neutral monitors Monitor for neutral rp980 interruptions to protectconnected devices, e. Wholesale of household goods.

It goes without saying that also customer-specific adjustments are possible e. Remote reset allows a restart of the product from a central place at any time.

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Key transfer Mechanical units Mechanical units with electrical monitoring Mechanical units with electrical release. Some application examples for the differentdevice groups are mentioned below: Dolv protection of installations and devices with a minimum of investment. As the phase angle changes with the motor load this measuring method is suited for monitoring asynchronous motors for underpower and no load operation independent of their size.

LEDs on the front provide visual status indications.