This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of To Room Nineteen by Doris Lessing. “To Room Nineteen” is a short story by Doris Lessing . • Doris Lessing. To Room Nineteen • was an additional proof of their happiness. They had played the same roles, male and female, in this group or set . To Room Nineteen. Lessing, Doris. Primary Finally, in order to get some time alone, she rents a hotel room every afternoon where she just sits and thinks.

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She feels simultaneously as if she has nothing to do worth doing and never has a spare moment to herself.

To Room Nineteen by Doris Lessing, |

It is said that married men like to sit in their cars in the garage before going back home. The husband seems relieved, asks questions about him, tells her he doesn’t see himself married to anyone else, and that he’s glad they both finally opened up.

Children of the Diaspora, United! Extracted from the pamphlet: It turns out that I really like Doris Lessing.

I believe the story is a metaphor for the contemporary society. These are my thoughts on the title story only. They lacked the freedom to close their door and be alone and do what ever they liked in secret.

I mean, come ON. They had everything they had wanted and had planned for. The fact that a woman should get married and have children, and live in a beautiful house is what is expected of a woman.

Now she’s stuck trying to figure out what to do because she doesn’t actually have a lover! Nov 09, Kirsty Hanson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Published Doriw 10th by Flamingo first published The ending left me with a dull and sad feeling and This small novel was very helpful to understand and discuss the “trapped housewife syndrome” in class for gender studies.

Some parts were really exciting and catching for me dialogues lessinng her husband, hotel feelings.

Once her life-illusion of perfection has collapsed she cannot bear to be anything at all—she retreats to a hotel room and simply sits there, away from the demands of a now meaningless world. It’s classed as a short story, but it’s longer than you would t This is my review of the short story: She was just renting the hotel room to have alone time from the kids and responsibilities, She’s disgusted by the idea of a foursome, by her husband, by the things she made up The way the story opened up, it did seem like it was taking that route.


Lessing was one I remember as having a strong impact and I think it was the story of this books’s title – “Room 19” that resonated with me so much. So many things to think about coming from such a short story. This is my review of the short story: Jul 22, Lady Jane rated it it was ok. Her anxiety actually stems from the fact that she needs solitude sometimes. What seems to be missing in the apparently ideal world of the Rawlings is pain.

She becomes anxious and distant, pulling away from her husband, who begins to have affairs. I read only the title story, however I felt the anxiety that Susan describes, and I felt the utter sadness, or even touching on despondency, when you reach the end of the story that I imagine Susan felt as well. Mar 24, Neira rated it really liked it Shelves: Susan will find out This story is of real current interest for a contemporary woman.

You realize just how little she has, despite on the surface having it all. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. She is so damaged that the ‘creative darkness’ she accesses does not heal her. When she becomes irrational and even mad she can no longer function as wife, mother, or anything else.

Where “intelligence forbids tears” and nothing can happen that is unforeseen, a void opens in Susan’s heart. For more than four decades, Doris Lessing’s work has wittily and wryly observed the muddle and passion of human relations, unflinchingly dissected its truths and shown us the unique quality of her understanding. Jul 05, Chloe rated it it was amazing. This goes on for a year before her husband starts investigating.


To Room Nineteen

She needs to learn that emotions, however absurd they may be, are still feltbut it lessung too late; once Matthew has “diagnosed” her as unreasonable she does indeed lose her reason. Nov 24, Urwa Shoaib rated it liked it. Like the dors Susan is quite aware that these are symptoms of madness. From the nlneteen ‘To Room Nineteen’, a study of a dry, controlled middle class marriage ‘grounded in intelligence’, to the shocking and sharp ‘A Woman on a Roo For more than four decades, Doris Lessing’s work has wittily and wryly observed the muddle and passion of human relations, unflinchingly dissected its truths and shown us the unique quality of her understanding.

She does everything An interesting shortstory worth reading by all people, mainly because of the femanistic point of view. I dorie very grateful to have studied short stories at university because my eyes were opened to Lessing’s work and I cannot wait to buy her whole collection and I find her writing so engaging. Nov 06, Eman Ismael rated it really liked it Shelves: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lists with This Book. Doriz of the merits of the story is that we can feel the madness that this brings on Susan; the void is first “something waiting for her at home,” then “the enemy,” then “a demon,” then “a devil,” then a sinister man with gingery whiskers whom she thinks she sees in her garden. The wife ceases to have a life besides her family, while the husband is ever more absent from home, becoming entranced in his work and finding comfort outside of marriage.

Such a chilling book, makes you really question the purpose of marriage and everything related to it. Summary Susan and Matthew Rawlings marry in their late twenties and raise four children.