A remote controlled drug delivery capsule for use in absorption studies has been developed by a UK company. The new technology, called the Enterion capsule. The Enterion capsule has been developed to investigate the absorption of The technology has been in routine use for several years and. formulations and delivery technologies that target the right place in the GI tract. delivered to specific sites via the Enterion capsule. The drugs.

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The capsule is 32mm long. IntelliCap has a drug reservoir, a drug pump, a pH sensor, a wireless transceiver, and a microcontroller.

Our consultative, science-driven approach ensures the highest quality service to support and accelerate new product development. It is extremely difficult to prove this relation directly using experiments because measuring the volume of the released drug in 3-D is not possible.

Gut mucosal nutritional support–enteral nutrition as primary therapy after multiple system trauma. Subscribe to our free alerts. In the first mode, a small amount of drug is continuously released by a series of pulse type magnetic field 0.

The use of the intelSite companion device to deliver mucoadhesive polymer to the dog colon. Parallelly, Professor Paul Swain, a British gastroenterologist, led a research group in London and published the first conceptual studies on a wireless capsule in [ 67 ]. At the moment, the drug release speed becomes extremely high. A practical guide to the use of pharmacokinetic principles in clinical practice.

Formulation tech goes Enterion

Open in a separate window. Includes case studies and self-assessment sections. Feasibility of stomach exploration with a guided capsule endoscope.

SsCE allows the use of a single-pole imager devise for visualizing the wider diameter segments of the digestive tract such as the colon without tumbling and with the ability to passively distend colon walls[ 2728 ]. The movement of the piston also operates a switch, which transmits a weak radio signal at a precise frequency.


The second section is from the point A to the point B. This site uses cookies small files stored on your computer to simplify and improve your experience of this website. Being designed for the evaluation of the colon, this capsule is not for ingestion, but to be administered as a suppository Figure 7.

Method of propulsion of a ferromagnetic core in the cardiovascular system through magnetic gradients generated by an MRI system. Next, if the cell is coated technolohy a hydro-gel, the cytoplasm of the cell shrinks as soon as exposed to HCl [see Fig. First, if the proposed mechanism is tehcnology in a swallowable capsule diameter: Because the designed capsule has a drug chamber between both magnetic heads, if it is compressed by the external magnetic field, the capsule could release a drug in a specific position locally.

The simulations of multimodal drug release have two assumptions; drug chamber volume as a function of the external magnetic attraction and the applied magnetic force as a function of time. The behavior of the cell was monitored by an inverted optical microscope.

Social and Cognitive Pharmacy is a practical handbook for learning and teaching sociology and psychology, and applying this to pharmacy practice. Academic Rules and Norms of This Article. In order to enhance the locomotion capabilities and the functionalities of current capsule endoscopy platforms, Yoo et al[ 77 ] proposed a modular system of robotic capsules containing steerable locomotive elements that are capable of assembling into a larger and more complex robot via mutual docking.


The dotted black lines represent the external magnetic field. The eventual device will allow wireless detection of markers for bowel cancer, a disease that is common in many countries.

The Enterion capsule was developed by Phaeton Research, Nottingham, United Kingdom in association with the Nottingham University spin-off Pharmaceutical Profiles for targeted delivery of a wide range of different drug formulations into any region of the gut[ 3738 ]. Endoscopic capsule robots using reconfigurable modular assembly: Eventually, the capsule transmits data to a wrist-worn recorder[ 72 ].

Swallowable-Capsule Technology

The location of the capsule within the GI tract is tracked using gamma scintigraphy while the presence of a radiolabel within the drug reservoir allows visualisation of the drug in the Enteriom tract following activation. Dr Ian Wilding chief executive, Pharmaceutical Profiles said recently that many candidate drug molecules currently being developed had complex chemistry, poor solubility and limited capsle, which led to problems of delivering the drugs effectively to patients.

Wireless therapeutic endoscopic capsule: The capsule is activated by a radiofrequency signal, which releases a spring-controlled piston and leads to release of the capsule contents see Figure.

Flexible and capsule endoscopy for screening, diagnosis and treatment. Various chitosan- and mineral-based haemostatic granules or powders are used for the control of compressible, external haemorrhage in capsulr casualties and are incorporated in first-aid kits used by the military[ 32 ].

The validation of this platform was performed with a synthetic bowel simulator with realistic tissue response. Open-Access Policy of This Article. Expert Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol.