View and Download Epson EMP/ user manual online. Epson User’s Guide Multimedia Projector EMP/, EMP/ EMP/ Manuals and User Guides for Epson EMP/ We have 1 Epson EMP- / manual available for free PDF download: User Manual. PowerLite┬« c/c press the or buttons on the projector to correct it. 5c/ c k Setup ment ther y. AA e r or See your User’s Guide for instructions.

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Only when projecting images from a video source Problem Solving The message “Not supported.

List Of Supported Monitor Displays Only when projecting computer images The message “No Signal. You can make changes after setting “Network Protect” to “Off”.

Changing the Projected Image The values are only a guide.

Chapters Table Of Contents To print the manual completely, please, download it. Not yet an Epson partner?


Details of accessories are subject to change without notice and availability may vary depending on the country of purchase. Computer image Sub Menu Auto Setup You can select whether, when the input signal changes, the image is automatically adjusted to the optimum state On or not Off.

Functions for Enhancing Projection Move the pointer icon. Changing the Projected Image Changing Directly from the Remote Control You can change directly to the target image by pressing the following buttons on the remote control. Indicates a page where detailed information regarding a topic can be found.

Using the remote control Select a menu item. Problem Solving Problem Solving If you are having a problem with the projector, first check the projector’s indicators and refer to “Reading the Indicators” below. For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement. 171 Solving Check Do the indicators turn on and off when the power cable is touched? This item can only be selected when “Front” is selected from “Extended” – “Projection” Operation Lock You can use this to restrict operation of the projector’s control panel.


Cleaning Cleaning You should clean the projector if it becomes dirty or if the quality epspn projected images starts to deteriorate.

Replacing Consumables Replacing the Lamp Lamp replacement period It is time to replace the lamp when: Is an extension cable being used? Mode Photo When computer images are input. Installation Methods The projector supports the following four different projection methods. Remote control You can choose from three different kinds of pointer icon in “Settings” – “Pointer Shape” from the configuration menu.

Is power being supplied to the projector? Mode Photo When computer images are input Page Freezing The Image freeze Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Epson EMP-1715/1710 User Manual

For more information on how we use cookies and how to manage your preferences go to Cookie Information. Saving A User’s Logo Page of 77 Go. The Epson EMP is the perfect projector for serious mobile presenters who demand the best. Register The fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.

In addition, with the new easier to use Epson EasyMP software you can link epxon for multiple screen displays or one large display. Functions for Enhancing Projection Each time you press the button, the aspect name is displayed on the screen and the aspect changes. You can expand quickly by holding the button down. Functions for Enhancing Projection Selecting the Projection Quality Selecting Colour Mode You can easily obtain epsoon optimum image quality simply by selecting the setting that best corresponds to your surroundings when projecting.

Adjusting Colour For Several Projectors multi-screen Colour Adjustment Adjusting Colour for Several Projectors Multi-Screen Colour Adjustment When several projectors are lined up and projecting images, you can adjust the brightness and colour tone of each projector’s image with multi-screen colour adjustment so that the colours of images from each projector match closely. List of Functions Info Menu Display Only Lets you check the status of the image signals being projected and the status of the projector.


Are the configuration menu settings correct? Contact Epson as described in your documentation.

Using the remote control Confirm the selection. Only when projecting images from a video source Do the image signal resolution and the refresh rate correspond to the mode?

Replacing the Remote Control Batteries If delays in the responsiveness of the remote control occur or if it does not operate after it has been used for some time, it probably means that the batteries are becoming flat.

The process of matching the phases of these signals the relative position of the crests and the troughs in the signal is called Synchronization. Remote control Changes to images from the Computer Component Video port. Pointer Function pointer Functions for Enhancing Projection Each time you press the button, the aspect name is displayed on the screen and the aspect changes.

Epson EMP/ Manuals

Insert the new lamp along the guide rail in the correct direction so that it fits in place and push down on the area marked “PUSH”, once it is fully inserted tighten the two screws. When a command is input, the projector executes the command and returns a “: Part Names and Functions Base Name Suspension Attach the optional ceiling mount here when bracket fixing suspending the projector from a ceiling.

Replacing Consumables Replacing the Air Filter Air filter replacement period It is time to replace the air filter when: When “External” is set as the “EasyMP Audio Out” setting from the configuration menu, and the projector’s audio in port is joined with an external amplifier’s built-in speaker, you can enjoy a richer, more powerful sound.

Configuration Menu Configuration Menu This chapter explains how to use the configuration menu and its functions.