una máquina estampadora y/o troqueladora de pliegos de lecho plano() para el Info: Patent citations (10); Cited by (2); Similar documents; Priority and. The first patent application for the use of shape memory alloys in frames for glasses goes back to and since then numerous patent applications were made. Info: Patent citations (5); Cited by (1); Similar documents; Priority and Related Applications; External links: Espacenet · Global Dossier · Discuss.

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EST3 – Method for manufacturing spectacle frames and / or parts. – Google Patents

The object of the invention is therefore to achieve a processing station and a stamping machine with a processing station such that to remove a sheet sample does not have to be disconnected or the vibration input is suffered by disengaging drive chains individual.

This mechanism is, in fact, a different mechanism correlated to planoa presence of TMT and consequently macroscopic behavior should be correctly defined as “pseudoelasticity”, and not as patemte elasticity.

In a second step the lifting tool upper tool of at least one of the processing stations, namely at least one separating station and deposit copies -also designated extension arm is carried by lifting a non-operating position.

In addition, they can recognize either a primary part 56 and secondary part 57 to a linear drive X and a primary part 62 and secondary part 63 to another linear drive X. In this figure can be recognized well a support pstente 58 which is formed by a pneumatic compensating weight on top of the press 1.

estamapdora Press or punch according to at least one of the preceding claims, characterized in that a palnos carriage 40, 41, 52, 53 is fixedly connected with the guide rail. In an advantageous development of the invention the holding device can be formed by the guide rails extending in a direction transverse to the stroke direction of the press ram and between the two press frame portions. Furthermore, it may be advantageous that the guiding devices with assigned motor trucks are formed as runners.

According to the equipment of the machine can eventually separate printed copies in exemplary separation device provided for that purpose. En un perfeccionamiento ventajoso la estacion de procesamiento segun la invencion posee una unidad de control que controla el al menos un accionamiento utilizando un numero de pliegos de muestra predeterminado por el operario de la maquina, la velocidad de transporte de pliegos y eventualmente el ciclo de pztente maquina.


This is explained pagente 3a to 3b. It is therefore possible to exclude games and deformations bends, inclinations and operate the driven shafts with more dynamic.

ES2323677T3 – Method for manufacturing spectacle frames and / or parts. – Google Patents

La invencion se explicara en detalle a continuacion en virtud de un ejemplo de realizacion. Since the patnete station 3 the sheet 6 reaches the protruding arm 4, wherein the sheet is 6. During normal use, in fact, they can be curved easily and permanently creating a distorted geometry of the frames. Generally, the temperature range of Af-Md can usually range from 10 planod 50, depending on the selection of alloy and processing of the material.

EST3 – Press or punch. – Google Patents

In this case, the use of a combination of pseudoelastic and superelastic properties is recommended. En la unidad de accionamiento 7 se encuentran adicionalmente los accionamientos lineales X con las partes primarias 56, 62 y las partes secundarias 57, Marco de cambio para el alojamiento de una rejilla de separacion de ejemplares o de la herramienta inferior con tablero de recortado Marco exchange for housing a grid separation of copies or lower tool board cut.

Alternativamente tambien la mesa superior 10 puede ser fija y la mesa inferior 9 movil. A machine controller 15 controls the courses within the machine stamper Trimmers tools used in cutting stations are sufficiently known to the expert. That is, it has already made the lifting synchronized work and is nevertheless still above specifications shows 6.

Si en cuanto a la estacion de procesamiento se trata de una estacion de recorte para el recortado de desechos de pliegos, entonces la herramienta superior y la herramienta inferior estan realizadas como herramientas recortadoras.

ES2292892T3 – Press or punch. – Google Patents

Processing station for a punching machine and method for sample sheet delivery. These requirements are satisfied in an optimal manner in flat bed printing.

The ball 45 is housed mobile in the device housing 44 in the guide carriage 40, Z motor carriages 13, 14 are subject patentf parts 15, When the carriage motor has a braking device, the carriage motor can be maintained in position also energized olanos. The invention the problem of improving a press or punch of the aforementioned type, particularly to allow a better use of space between the columns of the press, so that it is available pressure zones greater for dimensions arises unmodified of press or the press can be more compact structure.


Planar member for a machine for cutting sheet elements, and associated arrangements. Si ahora un pliego de muestra 6. Thus, the frames can be adapted to the face and once modified, they still maintain their previous elastic properties.

Figure 7 shows parts of the frames for glasses which can be manufactured using the material provided by the present invention. The deformation is applied to the martensitic phase causing a permanent deformation evident. This publication describes a device for transferring workpieces through a series of processing stations of a press, the device having a holding device for taking the workpieces.

Thanks to this type of construction can be structured even more compact.

Therefore the embodiment can be structured even more compact. Estacion de procesamiento 3, 4 segun la reivindicacion 3, caracterizada porque en cuanto al por lo menos un accionamiento se trata de un cilindro neumatico Thus it is possible to extract a stamped sheet before being processed Then follow the fstampadora station and the separating station copies. Press or punch according to at least one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the press frame sections 3, 4 have openings 21, 22 dstampadora the actuating device of the clamping device protrudes through openings 21, 22in the press frame sections 3, 4.

Estado de la tecnica. The manufacture of frames for glasses with appropriate elastic materials has already been performed in the prior art and found numerous and varied solutions.

In the production of frames for glasses, stainless steel alloys, for example, or alloys based on copper or copper-nickel-silver or nickel they are used. Alternativamente, se pueden montar en la unidad de accionamiento 8 asimismo accionamientos lineales. A recognized limitation of these alloys, however, lies in their poor elasticity. El objeto de la invencion es, por tanto, conseguir una estacion de procesamiento y una maquina estampadora con una estacion de procesamiento tal que para extraer un pliego de muestra no tenga que ser desconectada ni se sufra la entrada de vibraciones por desacoplamiento de cadenas de accionamiento individuales.

Device for sorting of sheets e. Thanks to this game and deformations bends, inclinations are excluded.