FLEXARET AUTOMAT VI. The Flexaret twin lens reflex cameras are a product of the Czechoslovakian company. Meopta (manufacturers of enlarging equipment) . The Flexaret manual linked at the top of this review has a decent explanation of this system on page 18 of the PDF manual (its the one that. I just got a Flexaret VI and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get an english manual. I’ve seen one for the VII, are they similar?.

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This is how you get 16 images on a single roll as opposed to Mike, thank you so much.

From the collection http: It made things totally clear for me. Do you have a picture of your baffle and one showing how to place it inside film compartment?

Flexaret 6 Series

Manal, thank you for the kind words. The Minolta Autocord had a very similar type of focusing system which is said to be easier to use one-handed. The last major difference is in selecting the aperture and shutter speed. Indoors however, the yellowing and dirt can get in the way.

In either maual, I have 2 excellent TLRs to choose from which is a good problem to have! If you are sure the shutter has been cocked, and the shutter release button cannot be pressed, check that the shutter is not locked via the sliding lever above the shutter release.

I just bought some film. If you cannot get a grip on the transmission lever, there is a metal pin you can push on from inside the film compartment that will push the transmission lever outwards from the body of the camera.


Below, black finish variation No Standard inscription. Albeit it works a somewhat nonpractical, surely it attracted the eyes of the visitors. This is a pretty common problem with TLRs due to the large open cavity where the reflex mirror is.

My Yashica-Mat has a knob focus on the side of the camera which I find to be really easy to use. It is very hard to get a grip on from outside of the camera, so to make it easier, if you open the film compartment, there is a little pin behind the lever that you can push out on that will allow you to grip it. See the image to the right showing the baffle correctly installed inside of the camera. Mine begins with an 8, so that means it was made in When the camera arrived, I was delighted to see that not only was there an old camera in the case, but it was definitely a Flexaret VII!

Meopta twin lens reflex cameras FLEXARET AUTOMAT VI User Manual – Download

There are 2 of them on this camera. The frame counter on the left has to be manually turned by the photographer and is not internally coupled to anything.

They look unlike any other camera, and when shooting with them in public, they often draw the attention of passers by. The reason for this is because the Flexaret VII also supports 35mm film which allows for a lot more exposures than film would.



Although I find my Yashica-Mat ever so slightly easier to use, and the viewfinder in the Yashica is bright and clean, I flxaret the ability to shoot 6 x 4. My Thoughts TLRs are an interesting type of camera. No Flexarets ever came with any type of automatic exposure system or light meter, and as such, none require batteries.

This dual frame counter system is needed to shoot rolls with 24 or 36 exposures. Growing up in the United States, we were taught a bit manuaal European history in school. If you do not properly roll the film so that the Start indicator is on the take-up spool, the film will not be ready for the first frame.

Meopta Flexaret VII (1968)

Loading way for 35mm on Flexaret VI. The Rolleiflex was such a great camera, that it was copied by almost everyone, and for me, that can get a little boring.

Your points praising the camera are spot on though, it is an extremely well-made camera, nice and heavy — quality. Towards the end of the school year, we got into the first and second world wars and how the Soviet Union was formed.