Background: When released, the FR-A/A offered unmatched functionality and reliability Please confirm all specifications with the applicable manuals. Thank you for choosing the Mitsubishi Inverter. This instruction manual gives handling informalion and precautions for use of this equipment. fr-ak manual Related manual: sgdhae manual, lenze highline manual, elau mc 4 manual, Mitsubishi FREQROL-A / A Manual (pdf).

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Connect the input power, output to the motor, and control signal lines to the terminal block.

The parameter unit cover can be removed only when the slots are s e t in this position. Therefore, be certain the power manuql is adequate. Before using the inverter, please read this manual carefully to use the equipment to its optimum. Thank you for choosing the Mitsubishi Inverter.

For example, if the inverter needs to be operated only in the PU operation mode, it is possible to set the PU operation mode as the mode to be estaMished when mxnual is tumed O N.

Use a class 3 or higher earthing method to earth t h e inverter.

A/A Series VFD Legacy Products | Mitsubishi Electric Americas

Places subject to direct sunlight. Set the parameters according to the application requirements load and operation specifications. Injury PreventionALApply only the voltage specified in the instruction manual to each terminal to prevent damage, etc. When the parameter unit is used, the frequency meter canbe calibrated oreciselv. Reler lo page 38 lor operating fr-a0024.


A024/A044 Drives

The parameter unit can be rf-a024 to initialize the parameter set values. Prevent any dust, wire fragments or other foreign bodies from dropping into the inverter during wiring up and commissioning.

Failure to do so could cause the brake resistor to abnormally overheat and a fire to start if a fault occurs in the brake transistor, etc. Shields on signal wiring 0 – 5V, 0 – IOV. Download Freqrol a manualInformation: Themaximumnumber of digitsfor a value to be input is 4.

III 2 Removetheclamp screwfrom theparameterunit Then, remove the parameter unit from the inverter. Use the guide pin and guide slot to determine the correct connector orientation. Mitsubishi Freqrol A User Manual For these parameters, change the parameter set value to the required value after reading the current setting, or reset the parameters to the factory-setting by the a U clear operation.

Mitsubishi Freqrol FR A Manual

Use terminal 10 U internal power supply is used. Temperatures applicable for a short time, e. Mwnual Due to hgh-speed switching operation of the i n verter,leakagecurrentwill be increased corn pared to conventional inverters. III 2 Pull the parameter unit cover to the left to remove it from the parameter unit. The stop key is valid only when furrtion setting has been made.


Mitsubishi FREQROL-A024 / A044 General Purpose Inverter

For the procedure used to change the value of parameters, refer to page Terminal block Configuration of the terminal Mock varies depending on the inverter capacity. Two SD terminals are internally connected.

I1 frequency setting must be changed frequently, it is recommended to use 2 W.

Setting the parameters Set the parameters using the parameter unit. Do not drop the inverter, or subject it to impacts. You may access the charged inverter fr-0a24 and get an electric shock.

Do not use disconnect switch magnetic contactor at the inverter output to start or stop the motor inverter. It a value is input exceeding this limit,the most significant digit is ignored. Combination operation mode Operation by combining the external signals and parameter unit keys. Maanual signal arid low levelcontrolwiringmustbeshielded type.