Chateaubriand was the giant of French literature in the early nineteenth century. Drawing on eighteenth-century English romanticists, on explorers in America. Atala & René [François-René de Chateaubriand, A. S. Kline] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Atala and René – François-René de. Atala / René has ratings and 58 reviews. peiman-mir5 said: دوستانِ گرانقدر، پیش از این در ریویویی در موردِ داستانِ «رنه» برایتان نوشته بودم داس.

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If I were not afraid of speaking as thoughtlessly as white men do I would ask you if you have heard of Chactas, of the Natchez?

If I were younger myself, I would enter the wilderness with you of which I too have sweet memories! My mother threatened me with her curse if I ever broke my vows, and after having recommended me to keep that secret hidden inviolably from the heathen persecutors of my religion, she died, while holding me in her embrace.

Chactas warmed at his breast that loyal friend, the sole drancois remaining amidst the ruins. It was reached via the remains of one of these monuments of whose origin we know nothing, being the work of a people now forgotten. Atala understood his sufferings at once.

Paperbackpages. That lovely young woman half-raised on one elbow, appeared pale and dishevelled.

Atala – René – Alma Books

Perhaps there is yet time. Capturado por una tribu rival, Chactas es condenado a muerte. How many times had I leant above her, to hear and to breathe her breath!

O Virgin, restrain aatla anger.

I answered those mothers, daughters and wives, in all innocence. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The prose can be vaguely impressive – it’s what might be called ‘well-tooled’ – though I have the suspicion that, at times, Chateaubriand is simply sitting bored with an encyclopaedia of the flora and fauna of North America and flicking through and writing lists to fill in the descriptions. That would have been df great a happiness! At two or three points only, they rfne repeated by a faint echo, to which a second fainter echo replied; and to that a third fainter still: The work, inspired by his travels in North Chxteaubriand, had an immense impact on early Romanticismand went through five editions in its first year.


Soon mud cements them, creepers bind them, and plants, taking root everywhere, serve to consolidate the debris. I came to do a little good in these forests, and God has no servant more unworthy than I. I sat quietly beside the funeral bier of my Atala. Without doubt, you have saved this young man. I returned to the Rne World, to consume the rest of my life in serving my God.

I made them listen to words of peace, and their manners have gradually softened.

It had been placed at the edge of the road, according to custom, so that young women, going to the stream, might draw the soul of the innocent creature into their breast, and return it to its homeland.

Have done with this vow that snatches Atala from me! As for me, exhausted, but ever burning with desire, thinking that I might be irretrievably lost in the midst of the forest, I prepared a hundred times to seize my bride in my arms, a hundred times I offered to build a hut on these shores, and bury ourselves there together.

As the reward for your love, your exile, and your death, you are abandoned, even by Chactas! I saw in this story a portrait of a nation of hunters and a nation of labourers; religion, the highest legislature for mankind; the dangers of ignorance and religious enthusiasm, as opposed to enlightenment, charity and the true spirit of the Gospel; the war of passions and virtues in a simple heart; and finally the triumph of Christianity over the most ardent of emotions and the most terrible of fears, love and death.

Persuaded that this was so, I spoke to her, haltingly, yet with a confusion that did not arise from fear of the pyre: Already the white robe and shining crown of the virgin is being prepared for you among the clouds; already I hear the Queen of Angels calling to you: He often turned round to look at us, gazing in pity at our youth and wretchedness. I would write something about how tiresome and, indeed, reprehensible this is, but we’re living in an age when people have used this kind of criticism so much as a form of self-promotion that, I am afraid, I have no appetite for it.


Often she trembled without cause, and turned her head about anxiously. What are we feeble solitaries but the crude instruments of a heavenly work? Augustine, I was seized by disgust for city life. There all my journeys would have ended; there with my wife, unknown to mankind, hiding my happiness in the depths of the forest, my life would have flowed onwards like these rivers of the wilderness, that lack even a name.

François-René de Chateaubriand

Atala was lying on a bed of sensitive plants mimosa pudica culled from the mountain; her feet, head, shoulders and part of her breast were uncovered. The south wind, my dear son, loses its heat in traversing the icy mountains. A glance, sometimes towards the sky, sometimes fixed on the ground, an ear attentive to the song of the bird, a gesture toward the setting sun, a hand tenderly clasped, a breast in turn throbbing or tranquil, the names of Chactas and Atala softly repeated at intervals She continually prayed to her mother, whose angry shade she seemed to wish to appease.

Resume that manly independence, of which Lopez has no wish to deprive you. Refresh and try again. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I was astonished at the fragility of this last monument: O my son, you should have seen the young Indian and the old hermit, kneeling face to chaeaubriand in the wilderness, digging a grave with their hands for the poor girl whose body was lying nearby, in the dry gully of a stream!

If the virgin extinguishes the torch, she accepts the vows offered, if she veils herself without extinguishing it, she rejects him as a husband. Chactas, though blind, was designated by the Council of Sachems elderly counsellors to command the expedition, because of the respect in which the Indian tribes held him.