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The case hardened cups have a long fatigue life, but must be properly supported to realize this benefit. Bearings of nominal metric dimensions should follow ISO R7 and f6 tolerance practices. When assembling the shaft, it should be rotated during insertion.

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Both series are very compact and offer very low cross section profiles compared with other rolling bearing types. An installation tool similar to the one illustrated must be used in conjunction with a standard press.

When closer control of clearance is required, the hwinty may select N6 housing bore and h5 inner raceway o. For this reason applications involving severe vibrations or axial motion of the shaft within the clutch are to be avoided.

Most inner rings can be provided with a lubrication hole in the center and a lubrication groove in the bore.

Through bored and chamfered housings are preferred. Extraprecision bearings are suitable for those applications requiring close control of radial play and eccentricity. Inch to metric caloew metric to inch conversions are listed for the convenience of the user, but the designer should understand that the controlling dimensions are in inches for nominal inch assemblies and millimeters for nominal metric assemblies.

For inspection purposes, see tolerance tables on page The more compact series with the smaller rollers offers optimum performance with minimum feasible outside diameter for a given shaft size.

Consultation with the Engineering Sales Office is recommended when overrunning speeds are high. Please consult Torrington Engineering Sales Office when special modifications are required. Make sure that the unit is oriented properly before pressing it into its housing.


For bearings of nominal metric dimensions, the recommended mounting dimensions shown on the tabular pages are consistent with ISO N7 housing bore and h6 inner raceway o. Installation procedures are summarized in the following sketches: Inne systemy naprawy rur. Even higher cyclic rates may be practical. To remove a drawn cup bearing from a through-bored housing, use a tool similar to the installation tool illustrated, but without the stop.

The go plug and no go plug insure proper size of the bearings in the clutch and bearing assemblies.

In any application where our clutch may be considered, it will be part of a system in which the operating conditions and the clutch mounting will affect its function. Adhesives will not provide proper support in oversized metallic housings. Inspection dimensions for the extraprecision bearings are given cqlowe the table at the right.


Since grease may impair engagement at high cyclic rates, a light oil should be used. If you think a special clutch is indicated, please contact your local Torrington representative for a review of your application. This reduction is accomplished by increasing the shaft raceway diameters as shown in Tables 2 and 3. Plug gauge sizes reflect adjustment for the loose and tight conditions resulting from high or low housings and shafts.

When using adhesives, care must be taken to keep the adhesive out of the clutches and bearings. The controlling dimensions are in inches for nominal inch bearings. Sealed DC bearings are shown on pages and extraprecision DC bearings are shown on pages See page for further discussion of mounting fits.

Proper mounting is easily accomplished with a simple press fit in the housing. Applications are generally described as indexing, backstopping or overrunning.

Clutch Onlyclutch and bearing assemblies – Use without additional radial support. Type RC clutches have springs integrally molded with the cage to position the rollers for instantaneous lockup. Use an installation tool as shown in the diagram above. Amount of RecessChamferMake sure that the housing bore is chamfered to permit easy introduction of the clutch and bearing or the clutch unit.


It is advisable to utilize a positive stop on the press tool to locate the bearing properly in the housing. The radial deviation from true circular form of the raceway should not exceed. If a tight transition fit must be used to keep the inner ring from rotating relative to the shaft, the inner ring o.

Note that these bearings must be inspected hwinty mounted in the specified ring gauge. Torrington Report – Final Documents. In production operations using closer tolerances on shaft and housing, they will assemble with consistently lower radial internal clearances than can be expected with the precision series bearings. Shaft hardness and strength particularly when approaching torque rating limits Shaft roundness, taper and surface finish necessary to ensure sufficient fatigue life and torque carrying ability Housing strength hardness and cross section to support the applied torque loads Housing roundness, taper and surface finish necessary to ensure uniform torque and load distribution A test program under all expected operating conditions should be carried out before putting a new application into production.

Sealed drawn cup bearings are intended to retain grease or nonpressurized oil within a bearing while also preventing contaminants entering the raceway area. The locking plug is rotated to insure lockup when the clutch is operated on a fwinty limit shaft and is mounted in a high limit housing strong enough to properly size the clutch. Procedures for selecting ring and plug gauge dimensions are the same as for those involving precision needle bearings as shown on pageexcept that the ring gauge diameters and diameters inside the needle rollers must be drawn from the table on this page.