Rules FAQ. Updated October 1, For rules questions not addressed in this document or the official Halo ActionClix CMG rulebook. Halo ActionClix was announced on the 2nd of February, and released The basic rules for the game were released on August 14 on the Wizkids website. Board Game: Halo ActionClix» Forums» Rules · Post Thread | Subscribe sub options 0, Halo Clix Initiative Question. by PhobosLars Sat Mar 29,

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Halo ActionClix is accessible to all levels of players, letting them jump right into the action and enjoy Halo game mechanics like weapon swapping, figure respawning and vehicle-based combat. Although it is now available through Bungie. Great going on the entire set. Each unit has hal unique combat dial that lists the unit’s constantly evolving stats and a character card that list specific abilities of that piece.

If you bought such a booster for the figs you have, you have the rules. The Halo ActionClix game can be purchased at retail chains such as Target, Frys and Game Stop, as well as at local hobby and game stores.

Go get your Halo ActionClix today

I believe I am the only one from there that ever bothered to finish their set. User Name Remember Me? Contribute Halopedia’s pages can be edited. Reclaimer Saga Halo 4. I am only missing two, 29 and The Master Chief Collection. No, really, it does! We play hapo group battles with up to 6 on one map, so say player A kills my Master Chief, he gets the points.


Anyone know what happened to these? Article Discussion Edit History. A actiojclix more than HC, but most players on halp Realms that play larger forces say points and up usually have 1 action per points, or a cap of 5 actions plus 1 for leadership.

Well the company that made all the Heroclix stuff, Wizkids Hey bro, don’t hate on clix games.

Find More Posts by brojase. Can you say free Halo swag sweetness?

Halo ActionClix – Halopedia, the Halo encyclopedia

Vehicles use all standard Halo rules except as noted below. Again, at our place we play point teams with the 6 actions, so if I am using wctionclix Halo force I actually come out ahead.

The Scarab has its own rules and the maps that go with it that hlo incorporate it into the game as well. Retrieved from ” https: Official Spartan Field Manual.

Go get your Halo ActionClix today

If not, buy another booster or barring that, and baing unable to find them on some other site, send me your snailmail and I can send you a map with the rules I have a lot of extras. I am no longer on MTGS staff, so please don’t contact me asking me to do staff things. Is this page incomplete?

A number of vehicle packs are being made, one of which was a battle-damaged Scarab released exclusively throughout the San Diego Comic Con on July 26— Office of Naval Intelligence. If you wanted larger point teams, I would go with that ratio, or actually a bit higher say 1 action per points.


Find More Posts by sgtregis. Nov Join Date: If you purchased the Warthog, it included the rules for the basic game on one side and the rules for adding it to the game on the other side: Players can even purchase the largest figure that WizKids has ever created – the Scarab, from Halo 3.

All times are GMT I’m not sure what you are asking here. Magic Market Index for Dec 28th, So you play them according to their point value, but the points awarded for the kill can only be awarded to an individual person once. Halo ActionClix was announced on the 2nd of February, and released on September 18,exactly one week from the release of Halo 3.

Halo ActionClix

The time now is The Art of Actiohclix 5: Interest was strong at first, but fell off quickly after a month or so, the venue couldn’t get their act together with the timing or events. Jan Join Date: Our venue mixes all clix.

Do you have enough players at your venue interested in playing with the Halo figs? The shot deals extra damage equal to the result. Halo ActionClix are the versatile man’s tabletop game.

Note the 58 MC: But you must keep in mind that the Halo clix is based to play like the video game.