Mitsubishi HC projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. Mitsubishi HC Review HIGHLY RECOMMENDED User Manual. The best in true p ( x ) home theatre projectors just keeps getting better. Our HC(BL) LCD projector brings you more performance than ever. HumidiClean Series HC offers native MODBUS .. Note: For all Series HC- units: Please contact factory for duct Manual Stop for quick shut down.

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Mitsubishi Electric HC6000 Manuals

Troubleshooting Before asking for repair of the projector, check the following. Connecting the projector to a computer Preparation: The HC works great in salt wateror water with very high mineral content, but there are special installation requirements for these types of applications.

Change the setting according to the type of the input video signal. Hc0600 of 47 Go. Manuwl The Aspect Ratio Viewing video images continued Setting the aspect ratio You can change the aspect ratio of the input video signal or the ratio of width to height of the image. Note that the alarms can be disabled by following the steps below: Lift top sensor out of water.


Remove the batteries, if the remote hc600 is not used for a long time. Preparing your projector Checking accessories The following accessories are provided with this projector. The pump is turned off when the water drops below the lower sensor. Unplug pump from control module. Viewing video images continued Connecting to a amnual player, etc. View the Installation Instructions for more information. It may burn out or its brightness may decrease during use.

Viewing video images continued B. Page 23 Viewing computer images continued C.


Also See for HC Specifications – 7 pages. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet. If the lamp has deteriorated, it may go out after a while it illuminates. Earthing Plug the other end of the power cord into a power outlet. Check to be sure that all of the accessories are packed in the package.

When an extension cable is being used, replace it with the supplied cable for check. Remove the back lid of the remote control.

Unplug control module from VAC outlet. Page 34 Adjusting projected images continued This projector automatically and properly projects video signals supplied from the computer.

Hi-Lo Pump Switch

Setting up your projector Setting up the screen Install the screen perpendicularly to the projector. Installation is simple and, like all our products, doesn’t require any changes to your plumbing. The attached power cords are to be used exclusively for this product.

  IEC 60099 1 PDF

If the solution kanual batteries comes in contact with your skin or clothes, rinse with water. Before asking for repair of the projector, check the following. If the solution comes in contact with your eyes, rinse them with water and then consult your doctor.

Pull out the lamp box by hc60000 handle while holding the projector. Troubleshooting continued No image appears on the screen. This lamp is a consumable. Page 15 Viewing video images continued Connecting to a video player, etc. You can make adjustments for the brightness of the projected image using the menu.

Page 28 Menu operation continued 3. Replace the lamp in this case. Don’t have an account? Check that the lamp cover is closed. Viewing computer images continued C. See pages 38 and