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I am not affiliated with any manufacturer. Sample variations of the pickup series can be recognized quickly, deviants can be identified and sorted out.

But this is a fundamental error. But the resistance is the least interesting magnitude of hekmuth. Response of a Fender Stratocaster pickup with 10 MOhms ohmic load and eight different capacitive loads For comparison Fig. A transmitting coil radiates an alternating magnetic field into the coil s of the pickup.

Replacement pickups allow the guitarist to change sounds without buying another instrument within the limitations of body and strings, of course. Helmuht is a bit simplified compared to the reality but quite useful for the beginning. Their underlying sound is determined largely by their electrical components. Therefore, one way to change the sound is to replace the standard tone control potentiometer with a rotary switch that connects different capacitors across the pickup a recommended range is pF to 10 nF.

But if it is too large, the sound will be terrible. Pickup, pots in the guitar, cable capacitance, and amp input impedance are an interactive system that must not be split up into its parts.

The sound also depends on the height of the peak, of course. These notches are at different frequencies for each string and cannot be described ,emme a single lmeme. Change the external load. Some pickups have a metal cover for shielding and protection of the coils, others have a plastic cover that does not shield against electromagnetic interference, and still others have only isolating tape for protecting the wire.


With only a little expense for electronic components, the sound can be shaped within wide limits. The external load consists of resistance the volume and tone potentiometer in the guitar, and any resistance to ground at the amplifier input and capacitance due to the capacitance between the hot lead and shield in the guitar cable.

The resonance frequency and hhelmuth the tonal characteristics can be easily changed by varying helmuyh load capacitance.

Furthermore, it is possible to analyze any modifications on a pickup, such as removing the metal cover or exchanging the magnets for others, or technical defects like short-circuit windings inside the coil. Response of a Fender Stratocaster pickup with pF load capacitance and different Ohmic loads. And good science books tell you not only what happens, but more importantly, how.

This can be heard: This induces a voltage by changing the magnetic flux through the coils. Thus, the values of the resonant frequency in the table are rounded to the nearest Hz. Lemme recently got in touch with me, and forwarded me a new article Pickup Measuring Techniques that he wrote for Sustain Magazine. Rotary switch with a selection of different capacitors, embedded in epoxy resin.

The resulting distortion depends on the width of the string vibration and can hardly be quantified. Using only one of the coils halves the inductance, so the resonant frequency will increase by the factor of the square root of 2 approximately 1. Changing the frequency response with different external capacitors parallel to a pickup coil. The majority seems to be totally ignorant.

Electric Guitar: Sounds Secrets and Technology – Helmuth Lemme – Google Books

Great book covering a lot of things other books do not. Transmission characteristics resulting from strong eddy currents There have been attempts to measure eddy currents by attaching resistors to the replacement circuit, in parallel to the coil or to the terminals.

One person found ldmme helpful. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Electric Guitar – Sound Secrets and Technology by Helmuth Lemme | eBay

For the high strings the notch is far above the cutoff lemje fg and can hardly be heard. In addition to the pickups that come with an instrument, replacement pickups – many of them built by companies that do not build guitars – are also available. Guitar synthesizers have a dedicated chapter, too. Showing of 1 reviews. This is possible with nearly all humbucking pickups.


Many “pickup experts” have never heard the term “inductance”. Lemme, Munich, Germany http: There is no low frequency rolloff; however, a little bit below fg there is an electrical resonance between the inductance of the helmurh coil and the capacitance of the guitar cable. The shorter the distance helmyth magnetic pole and string, the stronger it is. In many cases these cores are screws, so level differences between strings can be evened out by screwing the core further in or out.

The sound is dull. I found many “blind” topics, too; those about things that I ignored that I ignored.

Main users are pickup manufacturers, high quality guitarmakers and renowned music shops. This method is most common, but also the lemmw expensive. With a few deft interventions, many instruments can be rendered more versatile and made to sound a lot better – in the most cost-effective manner.

Electric Guitar – Sound Secrets and Technology by Helmuth Lemme 9781907920134

The examination explores deep within the guitar, including pickups and electrical environment, so that guitar electronics are no longer considered highly secret. When the strings are moving, an AC voltage is induced in the coil.

Rotary switch with a selection of different capacitors, embedded in epoxy resin Also, adding an internal buffer amplifier can isolate the pickup from some of the loading effects of cable capacitance, thus giving a brighter sound with higher resonance frequency and higher peak. An unbelievable cult has developed around pickups, inflamed by advertising managers and music magazines. Thanks to the author for permission to share helmuhh article here with you.