The Hot Spotters by Atul Gawande. Posted on May 24, by Jesus Click here to read the rest of the New Yorker article. This entry was posted in News. New Yorker. Jan The hot spotters: can we lower medical costs by giving the neediest patients better care? Gawande A. PMID: ; [Indexed . In the January 24, , New Yorker, physician-author Atul Gawande, M.D., featured Brenner in an article titled, “The Hot Spotters.”.

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The New YorkerDec 14, SlateOct 25, The New YorkerMay 11, SlateApr 20, One that did was the Medicare Care Coordination demonstrationa program in which 15 healthcare organizations from around the country were given the opportunity to develop programs for improving care coordination among the most complex populations. The New YorkerDec 10, The tenets of regression to the mean dictate that if a variable is extreme on its first measurement, it will, on its own, tend to be closer to the average on its second measurement.

SlateNov 20, The most recent was about hospice care. In the Hot Spotter article Gawande writes about several innovative approaches to reducing health-care costs.

The Hot Spotters

With our background practicing naturopathy, much of what Gawande describes seems so obvious, kind of preaching to the choir. The New YorkerDec 18, To their credit, the Camden Coalition has acknowledged that the dramatic data initially reported about their program may be overblown.


Brenner checked his neck for a carotid pulse. You can listen to the interview at: The patients were also markedly healthier.

Though enthusiasm for “hot-spotting” may be over-hyped, it is important to highlight that some programs have shown success, even in rigorous controlled evaluations. SlateJun hkt, The New YorkerJun yoeker, SlateOct 23, Another example of a successful complex care management effort was a program for high-risk older adults in Pennsylvania led by an organization called Health Quality Partners as part of the same Medicare demonstration described above.

The Hot Spotters by Atul Gawande

Gawande also describes a yrker he made to the Special Care Center, a clinic in Atlantic City, an experimental approach to primary care. Commencement AddressJun 11, SlateMay 28, The best I can do for now is summarize the article and encourage you to either purchase the issue or read it online at a later date.

One of the doctors that works for Verisk, Nathan Gunn, who explains the way data mining can be used to identify the most frequent users of health-care facilities and reduce their costs.

Recent efforts by the Camden Coalition and other similar-minded innovators have inspired a much-needed renewed focus on the most complex patients in our healthcare system. The New S;ottersAug 6, Fri, Jun 21st, New clinical and policy guidelines launched to guide The New YorkerApr 5, spottera The New YorkerApr 30, Yorjer do we have in complex care?

The New YorkerMar 11, The man was alive. And he does it so well….

He created a way to find the people whose use of medical care was highest, and go after them and provide better care. Most programs in the demonstration focused on patients with chronic conditions who had been hospitalized within the previous year and assigned them to a care coordinator typically a registered nurse who assessed them and developed a plan of care. A neighborhood couple, a physical therapist and a volunteer firefighter, approached to see if they could help, but police waved them back.


Calibrating the ‘Hot-Spotting’ Hype | Medpage Today

The New YorkerJun 26, Although the victim had been shot several times and many minutes had passed, his body felt warm. The New YorkerNov 14, The New York TimesMay 5, If Camden, New Jersey, becomes the first American community to lower its medical costs, it will have a murder to thank.

What Is Supportive Housing? Home News The Hot Spotters. The New YorkerMar 6, Because most coordinators had caseloads of well under patients, they were able to contact their assigned patients frequently — often several times a month or more.

The Hot Spotters by Atul Gawande |

The New York TimesMay 12, This entry was posted in News. The New YorkerOct 9, SlateNov 6, Cancer Patients and Social Media. To rigorously assess their model, the Camden Coalition is now participating in a randomized trial of yorket program.