Posts about Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse written by survivorshipwp. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just. The following is a script of a talk entitled, “Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse,” by Prof. D. Corydon Hammond. This talk was delivered at the.

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There may be two or three sentences like that associated with each that they had to memorize them.

These codes will sometimes be idiosyncratic phrases, or ditties. These poems are that record. That looks an awful lot like the Cabala Tree” and that rang a bell with some esoteric hypnosiis an old book and I dug it out. Licensed Family Therapist, State of Utah.

What has been the typical age and typical gender of this type of person? Well, so we go on and then we find another part.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. We were going along and a patient was close to getting well, approaching final integration in a non-bloodline and she suddenly started hallucinating and her fingers were becoming hammers and other things like that.

At this point I took note and decided to check it out in three ritual-abuse patients I was seeing at the time. Now the interesting thing about the Green Tree is his original name was Greenbaum. In fact it was not only intact, but we found that the one who was outpatient was having her therapy monitored every session by her mother, out-of-state, over the telephone, and that she still had intact suggestions that had been give to her at a certain future time to kill her therapist.


Mind Control, Hypnosis and Ritual Abuse | The Menawa Report

The Posting Guidelines include more details on some rules, as well as rules not listed in irtual sidebar. The other question is how many of them can get well?

The poems cover the outskirts of my awakening, my plowing through and arrival in the middle of awareness. But he saved his skin by collaborating and being an assistant to them in the death-camp experiments.

Do you have any techniques abuwe decreasing your level of uncertainty that a patient is or is not being still tampered with, “messed with,” as you said? It takes the survivor systematically through understanding the abuses and how his or her symptoms may be consequences of these abuses, and gives practical advice regarding how a survivor can achieve stability and manage the life issues with which he or she may have difficulty.

She came back to me early last year and said she was symptomatic with some things.


She estimated three times a week. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: She would go into a room, get all hooked up. Appears to be the name of the international world leadership. It may involve places where they were programmed and it will usually involve a number in there that will be their birth order, like zero-two if they were abkse.

Then they keep adding to it. The way that I would inquire as to whether or not some of this might be there would be with ideomotor finger-signals. No debunking, disbelief, or criticism constructive or otherwise. Go around and look at the back of the head and tell me what you notice on the back of the head or the neck. Green, almost thirty years ago, and he supervised part of the programming of this woman under this doctor.


Tapes and transcripts of other sessions from the conference are still being sold, but—understandably—not this one. Any violation of these rules will be mpx with appropriate discipline.

Hypnosis In MPD Ritual Abuse. The Greenbaum Speech

Have you ever had any evidence where any of these people have been tagged, and there have been anything of their body-parts that might be related to this, private parts in particular?

They gave those suggestions vigorously and repetitively. For example, how to perform oral sex in a uypnosis way, how to perform sex abusf rituals, having to do with producing child pornography, directing child pornography, prostitution. Somewhere at a deep level you may run into some things like this.

There has been that described in some patients, yes, the Seven Systems. There appear to be Illuminatic Counsels in several parts of the world and one internationally. His name is known to patients throughout the country.

That represented another system.

It took me two months to figure out what it was. You want to see a great movie, interesting movie, to cue people? So I used an affect-bridge and we went back and we found mod what happened was that they gave suggestions, that if she ever got well to a certain point she would go crazy. There is a part inside named Dr.