After being unfit for work for 28 weeks, or before, you will be sent a form IB This form is used to assess your capacity for work. This information explains how . If you currently receive Incapacity Benefit and have been sent an form IB50 to complete (you will find the reference number on the bottom of the form). If you also. A benefits advisor told me that there was copy of the IB50 form (IB50 Incapacity for Work Questionnaire) on the Internet. Does anyone know where I can find it?.

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I thought I may have been exempt due to previous medical evidence but the DWP confirmed that I need to fill it in. Your friend really needs to go and see her local CAB, they should have a welfare rights officer who will help her with her forms and will advise her whether i5b0 needs a supporting letter from rorm doctor Good luck and merry xmas to you both.

The IB50 is a questionnaire mainly about physical disabilities with mental disabilities only getting a small blank box for the claimants to describe how their disability affects them, it fails to give any real help or guidance to enable them to do this.

As in the UK, those who are approaching 60 or more will not be reassessed because they are deemed to be too old to seek work. Margaret dennison darnall born and sister barbara speechley born Login to post comments. But I think many IB review dates were set like that, for near the 65th birthday. She has had a lot of very bad problems in her past which has left her on anti-depressants, I really would like to help her but there is only so much knowledge I know, which ain’t much when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Leave this field blank: Should you dorm have any further queries in connection with this request do please contact us. Members Only Guides Training. With respect to the last comment. As the year comes to a close, what really got your goat?


You get an IB50 form to fill in but are on Higher rate personal care of DLA

Normally help is available from the Citizens Advice Bureau or a charity related to a medical condition. Save a copy for yourself. The request was partially successful.

We didn’t manage to fill in the IB50 form and as it was already late he took it with him to complete. I and these commentators have grave concerns regarding the use of private sector agencies being paid cash incentives based on sending the sick and disabled back to work. Skip to content If we’ve helped you hold authorities to account this year, could you help us do more in ? So now nothing happens until that is drawn up.

Wish to download IB50 form from Internet

Dear Department for Work and Pensions, Could you help me if at all possible. Those under 25 years ob50 age will be migrated during from Incapacity Benefit to ESA with those over 25 years old from onwards.

Post by Ian There is a scanned copy of an IB50 here: Help Needed With Ib50 Form. Hence my need to download an IB Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Get the facts about what’s changing, how it affects you and how to prepare. I am in receipt of DLA – the HM component but only the middle rate care component so am not auto exempt gorm the form.

My friend has thoughts of suicide a lot at times which is very disturbing for me, I suggested counseling but it’s very hard to find a free one. Did you also get a BF85A with it?

No IB50 Form.

I learnt on Wednesday I should have been claiming at least DLA for many years as it is not means tested and Fform would most probably automatically qualify. She very rarely leaves the house and I do not know what rights she is entitled to. The new benefits process is stressful but take it step by step, be as complete as you can on the forms and provide medical supporting evidence where you can. I was hoping to suggest that if possible she could have the PCA meeting done in her home where she may feel more safe.


I’ve tried to gorm this today to check that they’ve received the form but it proved impossible.

Ib550 us protect your right to hold public authorities to account. Help Needed With Ib50 Form I have mental health problems and the dreaded IB50 also fills me with dread each time it arrives, so I can see where your friend is coming from. Has anyone else had any joy communicating with Atos?

If the answer box isn’t big enough then add extra pages of your own. Are you worried because somethings happened to the original form – lost or something? I have read that formm have be disabled or something of life threatening illness to be exempt from filling in this kind of form.

What do you think? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Post by David The same is about to happen to the DLA as their deadline was 2nd Feb and the benefits advisor and I have not even started the form! Make a request Browse requests View authorities Journalist? Received their IB50 form before the 1st of February I know they have to check everyone’s entitlement and circumstances periodically so it’s part of the normal process.

Yes I know its confusing but this is the DWP. Thanks for your reply to my post. I lost my job 10 years ago and I have not worked since then. From can i5b0 course argue exemption under the quoted law supplying appropriate medical evidence in support of your position.

Months ticked by and my life was put on hold. I wonder if you can request a hardcopy without actually putting in your claim – might be something to check on?