City of the Beasts begins with the story of Alexander Cold, who is 15 years old and going through a family crisis. While his parents leave for Texas to try to treat. 17 fev. Autor(a):Isabel Allende Ilustrador(a): Sandro Soddano Editora:Difel 82 – Difusão Editorial, S. A.. A Cidade dos Deuses Selvagens Lima, Peru. 15 mar. Transcript of a cidade dos deuses selvagens. Personagens Personagens principais: Alexander Cold (Alex,Jaguar) Nádia Santos (Águia).

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Their part of a group travelling for National Georaphic. She shows eos they have a rich culture and that even though their customs are different, they are still quite advanced and civilized.

Thought the choice of topic and the writing about the forest and Walimai very convincing. Saudara Alex bernama Andrea 13 thn dan Nicole 8 thn akan tinggal bersama Carla, ibunya Lisa sdgkan Alex harus tinggal bersama Kate, ibu ayahnya.

Magia, naturaleza y ternura en una sola novela. This book makes me want to go to the amazon and find a “Yeti”. While his parents leave for Texas to try to treat his mother’s cancer, Alex and his sisters are sent to live with their grandmothers. She uses a lot of similes and comparisons so that the reader could really understand and feel what the characters were feeling.

His sisters, however are sent to live with their Grandmother Carla. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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My friend read Isabel Allende books and she lend me this one. Tapi ketika ia tiba, Kate mengatakan bahwa dia belajar dari pengalaman.


ccidade Once Alex arrives in New York City, and finds out that his grandmother had no intentions of aa him at the airport and is forced to walk to her apartment, several blocks away. City of the Beasts begins with the story of Alexander Cold, who is 15 years old and going through a family crisis.

Quanto mais anos tenho, mais ignorante me sinto. It isqbel an adventure to read this. Other books in the series. Not all attendees of the group have the best intrest for the forest and its inhabitants.

Sounds like fun anyway. Marilia Personally, I think this book is suited for a year-old. Lololo because she is a writer and if many people buy the book she may become rich. City of the Beasts begins with the story of Alexander Cold, who is 15 years old and going through a family crisis. It is NOT of one Allende’s books for adults. Quotes from A Cidade dos Deus At first, after a few pages, I was sceptical and didn’t expect much. Why did the author write this novel?

He gains the ability to face the trials that lie ahead. When Alex’s mother illness and the chemotherapy and his father’s willing to send him to his grandmother, so he can’t see his mother’s dying in front of his eyes, I wondered, perhaps, perplexed, ‘why would this very novel hold the noun “Beast”? He is sent to live with his grandmother who plans to take him on a trip to the Amazon because she needs to write an article on a creature that is supposedly dangerous.


Alexander Cold pemuda 15 tahun, suatu hari dia terbangun karena mendapatkan mimpi buruk ttg burung nasar raksasa menabrak jendela kaca rumahnya hingga pecah dan membawa ibunya pergi menghilang. City of prestige Beasts begins opposed to the story lady Alexander Cold, who is 15 life old and decrease through a descent crisis.

It takes place in the Amazon Jungle.

“A Cidade dos Deuses Selvagens” Book on Student Show

His sisters, however are twist and turn to live deal in their Grandmother Carla. The alpende is about the adventure he goes on and how he is changed from a spoiled boy to a brave and confident man.

This book sevlagens, I think, pretty good. Is this book suitable for a 10 year old? All of the Indian tribes have fled the area due to the many deaths associated with this beast. She has lectured and done extensive book tours and has taught literature at several US colleges. They are exploring one of the most remote places in the forest to find this “beast” that has been haunting the area for quite some time.

They discover their totem, and their special powers.