ICS, Doc ID, ITOP Title, Drop Tests for Munitions. Original Title. Category, IS / TS. Location. ITOP Drop Tests for Munitions, Final Report on International Test Operations Procedure. ITOP (2), Safety Testing of Field Artillery Ammunition. – ITOP , Drop Test for Munitions. – ITOP , Rough Handling Tests.

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Methods for determining the susceptibility of vehicles for loading and unloading of cargo are found otop TOP Emergency braking initiation speeds and distances, and record of any deviation from a straight line during the brake stops. Itpo the load to the aircraft by any safe means available and acceptable to the aircrew. Describe the method and equipment employed to secure the item for each 4-2-6001 application.

Government direction for appropriate nomenclature will be provided following Design Verification. Government Printing Office, Washington D. If any restrictions are revealed, attempt to disassemble the item to enable loading and document the disassembly required. Photograph the test item slung under each aircraft to document load orientation. Some of this gas could also escape from the ejection port. Bottom rim split Low propellant weight could cause a cartridge to fail to extract, because of the escaped hot propellant gases through the breach.

The containership allows containers to be secured without the use of dunnage. Primer above flush 4. Head diameter, max Level IV 3. Reduction in vehicle and trailer tire pressure to meet floor loading requirements, if necessary. Following 4-2-6601 completion of the flight test, the aircrew returns the load to the test pad. Testing requirements are addressed in TOP The weight and balance center of gravity of the aircraft is vitally important to itlp stability. Breakbulk General Cargo Ships. Record of any permanent deformation or set or weld cracking resulting from testing photographs when available.


The ability of shipping crates or packages to withstand loads such as these imposed on the bottom container in a stack, or support loads on their tops, with or ittop dunnage present, is determined through the use of the test procedures of Superimposed Load Test; Stackability, with Dunnageand Superimposed Load-Test; Uniformly Distributed, without Dunnage as prescribed in ASTM-D Attach the test item to the cargo lifting hook of a static drop facility.

Specific vehicle configuration standards are defined in Military and Iotp standards.

Special packaging requirements may apply to these cartridges. External fire test itlp. ABSTRACT This TOP provides guidance for preparing test plans and conducting test programs to evaluate the transportability characteristics of military equipment whether towed, self propelled, or moved by carrier over highway, off-road terrain, railway, waterway, or by air.

-42-601 Because such a wide variation exists in the foreign legal limits and some countries have limited highway systems, the following constraints are recommended to achieve general unrestricted transport in most NATO countries: To maintain safe operations, the ramp angle for loading and unloading procedures is no greater than 15 degrees.

Combat vehicles such as tanks and personnel carriers. Describe the actions taken to service and prepare the item for aircraft loading. The drop equipment and impact surface shall be the same as described in paragraph 4. Prevailing meteorological conditions at the time of the test. Weight and overall iop characteristics of rigged item. Powder burns 1 2 Major If the average critical height H plus four standard deviations 4 sigma exceeds 14 inches, or if the average critical 21 Downloaded from http: When practical, inspect the test item periodically during transport in addition to the beginning and end of the voyage.


Characteristic photographs of rigged test item. Photograph the resultant rigging configuration.

All tie-down provisions must undergo proof testing. Any deformation or weld cracking of the provisions or adjacent structural components is considered a failure to satisfy the Military Standard. Condition of bracing and securing gear during and after the voyage.


Caution must be maintained at all times in order to control the aircraft at the prescribed airspeed. Position the test item on the test pad with its designated front facing into the prevailing wind. Requirements for submission of design verification samples.

Identification of cargo handling equipment employed, if any. The objective of this sub test is to determine whether the test item can be transported over and off highways. Shock 4-2601 vibration, or strain data. Record and photograph any evidence of physical damage as a result of the flight test.

European Defence Agency – EDSTAR

Ensure that stowage is provided for the spreader bars on the item as basic issue item BII equipment. Testing for high temperature tiop humidity functioning shall be performed in accordance with TOPTemperature-Humidity.

Unless otherwise specified, the conditioned ammunition should be fired at ambient temperature. The composite two-wheeled trailer vibration environment shall simulate 25 km 16 mi. Compatibility of the test item with the airdrop platform and the aircraft.