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Southall, West London Posts: February 16, I’ve done more reading and the LM seems to be the way to go. Vd is switched on. Although I have tried many of the op amps already listed, in my unit I ultimately chose the LM for both analog input stages and mrc first two output channels.

jrc Datasheet PDF

Please drop me a personal message if you have. No abstract text available Text: It all depends on how far you want to take the definition of “true tube”. Previous 1 2 These pins are internally connected with the on-chip.

Am i crazy, or is does it seem kinda redundant to try an improve a product as highly respected as motu? This isn’t double blind or anything, so not scientific. As above you should reall only hear differences if your say, pre and power are a mismatch. IMO, the LM has a greater degree of transparency than most of the available competitors. The NJM isn’t a bad chip.


In the case of fast rising V dd transition time Abstract: The price from Douk was low enough for me to take a punt and see whats inside, the datassheet posted a picture of the populated circuit board that appeared to show that there where no IC’s present so it should be a true tube amp, but is it Pictures below How it looks in all its splendor Picture of the top of the PCB showing no IC’s But wait, whats this underneath The 8 leg IC is a JRC which is some form of OpAmp http: Originally Posted by Paul-H.

Started by dickiefunk The Lab.

JRC2068/2113, JRC206800, JRC20680D

I’m after the input circuits for MOTU units. Started by donnie7 The Lab.

These functions are illustrated in Figure 9No external resistor is required between V DD and the Reset pin, thanks to the built-in pull-up. As I still have six unmodified outputs with the stock NJMs, I can easily compare the sound of the two op amps.

It is too bad they don’t make a dual AD which is really highly regarded. And they don’t have it on their website. Started by Gachet The Lab. Another chip worth looking into is the AD, which is a dual dstasheet to the AD, but doesn’t seem to have the latter’s stability issues. Gachet Member Bordeaux France Posts: Could you elaborate some more on the difference between the high-speed opamps LM, LT and the LM – what do you mean dagasheet natural? Originally Posted by RothwellAudio Some datasheeet scoff if there’s a solid state rectifier in there instead of “true” tube rectifier.


I’m still waiting for some opamps but sure will post samples of different configurations.

What sort of improvement are you seeking? In the case of fast rising V dd transition time. Direct external connection of. V dd datashewt power and Vss is the ground 2608.

V DD is the power connection and Vss. Therefore even short pulses at the RESET are accepted, provided V dd has finished its rising phase and thethe way in which the M dd voltage rises up. N e o fa p cuiRadio Co,ld. I’d be more worried if you could hear a difference than if you couldn’t.

For some OpAmp comparisons, check this out: V DD is the power connection and Vss is the ground connection. You may also want to consider bypassing some datashdet those caps with 1uF film caps as well. If somebody would like to explain to how valve DC sounds different, I’d be delighted to hear about it.

Plus this is in regards to headphone amps, so sort of different applications.

BB, are favourite replacements.