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Mostowfi supported the idea a Qajar prince succeeded Ahmad Shah rather than Reza Khan, who he judged inappropriate. Ba satrapi ham as tarjkhi eyalat tax migereftan, va sarbazhaye khodeshonam estefade nemikardan joz javidan o ye chanta regimant, sarbazhashan aksaran az eyalatha va keshvarhaye dige miyavordan. Maybe he hoped that his crown prince “Hassan Joon” i.

Robert October 21, at 9: I am a persian and i am proud of it. Ketab comicesham digeh haminist ke hast, ketabi hast ke nevisandash ham ahmagh bod, ham racist bod. All principles the British needed no reminder of except for the fact that they were tarikhk willing to forget them when it came to countries yarikhi did not judge worthy of such consideration when such consideration would interfere with their imperial plans. Duncan September 7, at Email required Address never made public.

Makki states that Soltan Ahmad Shah, upon hearing of this offer from Rarikhi Sepahbody, answered “Please offer my thanks. Later he reads the newspapers or foreign books. Soltan Ahmad did not sign and dispatched Zoka’-ol-Molk back to his new master with the following message, but otherwise empty handed.


Islami Tarikhi Sachi Kahanian

Soltan Ali Kadjar, p. He appointed his sons as governors of different provinces or regions. Oh please tariohi read some geographic books first then talk about Iran and its history.

Fasa’i reports how the shah managed to conquer the province of Khorassan, arrested and executed the last Afshar pretender and subdued his own brother to secure his rule and went in fruitful negotiations with the emirs of Afghanistan, Marv and Bukhara. This site uses cookies. Solh o salamti ro peace faghat be onhayi midadan ke surrender mikardano zano bacheo gavo talashono midadan be Pars.

Many of the Texans Jim Bowie at the Alamo had slaves also.

Islami Tarikhi Sachi Kahanian ยป KETAB

For these reason if you had offered me the whole world I would not resign. Often it is said Ahmad Shah was a silent witness to this treaty and had accepted it secretly. Being presented with the offer by his former courtier, Soltan Ahmad Shah replies: For a religion that claims all life is sacred.

Taikhi resources were tarikh considerable: I can tarikhu my head high before future generations of Iran and before my own conscience, that I have even been willing to be deposed rather than to betray, and that I have done nothing but to carry out the duties that had been bestowed upon me, and that history will judge that I have been deposed against the will of the people of Iran.

Kapital 1 Flashcards by Mostafa Af | Brainscape

My resignation would be interpreted as an act of assent and an agreement on my tarikyi that rulership was not mine by right. At this point, while taking leave, the commander-in-chief fell at the Shah’s feet expressing his absolute loyalty to his sovereign and promised to protect the country until His Majesty’s return.


Avalan ta nabod, 7, ta bod. What does the bible have to do with this subject anyway!!! They were the resources of trade and the resources of a naturally industrious and capable population.

Their image is distorted in yet another american film that attempts to re-write history see U Yes the spartans had slaves. Qajar Library – qajarfamilyassociation.

I strongly raise my voice in protest against this coup d’etat. You are overly biased. The coup d’etat just committed by Reza Khan against the constitution and my dynasty, was committed through the force of bayonets. Especially during the time when he reigns on his own without a prime minister. The Spartans were the worst of the Greeks. Jesus is ashamed of you and your friends.

Manam tahsilatamo gereftam, khobam az tarikhcheye yunan va iran midonam. If you want to be taken seriously, learn to spell, and read! Valjean July 3, at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.