Knightly Orders Of – Property Is Theft! Views. 5 years ago. Knights, · Knight, · Legion, · Knighthood, · Bonus, · Solamnia, · Dragon, . Knightly Orders Of – Property Is Read more about knights, knight, legion, knighthood, bonus and solamnia. Knightly Orders of Ansalon contains information useful for both players and Dungeon Masters, as well as Dragonlance fans who wish to know even more about.

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The Dragonlance Knigbtly does not publish any of the products listed in the Products section. Age of Mortals Erad20 Publisher: Perhaps “carved in stone” would be a more appropriate phrase to use here, if only to denote the permanency with which such decisions last throughout the years. A sort of “overview” or “generic” chapter and the most valuable for those looking to just pilfer material for their own knightly orders in their homebrew gamescovering the qualities of a knight, what they do in wartime and peacetime, how to become a knight, dueling, a knigjtly equipment and mounts, some basic heraldry rules, plus armiger substitution levels for the noble class a new class in the Dragonlance campaign, apparently14 feats, and 9 magic items Chapter Two – Knights of Ordegs Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Knightly Orders of Ansalon by Clark Valentine, Nicole Harsch, Sean Everette, Trampas Whiteman

Spent 11 of 18 skill points. Alphabetically, “Gather Information” should come before “Intimidate. He doesn’t have the required number of ranks 2 in Knowledge religion to meet the prerequisite for the Knight of the Rose prestige class: In kingdoms and keeps across the land, warriors take up arms in the service of a lord, a god, or a cause.

Since the Age of Dreams, warriors have raised arms for good and evil across the face of Krynn. Even if the three main Dark Knight prestige classes appeared elsewhere, aansalon a different book which seems somewhat unlikelyyou’d think they’d reprint the material here so all of the knight material would be in the knight bookor at the very least tell the reader where he might go to find such information.


He shouldn’t have immunity to fear, as that’s gained from the wizard 10 substitution level, not he wizard 5 one. It looks as if he spent 25 of 27 skill points. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. His various melee attacks should be separated by an “or” instead of an “and” as they’re all computed as primary attacks. Knightly Orders of Ansalon is a resource for games set in the world of Dragonlance. This sourcebook contains game information for the d20 System, as well as the lore and traditions of knightly orders.

Graphics are representational only.

Knightly Orders of Ansalon

Appetizers Ansaoon Desserts Drinks. I can say that the authors of Knightly Orders of Ansalon seem to have devoted quite a bit of effort to “document” what’s been happening in the novels, so those that worry that the focus is on the novels as opposed to the campaign world may have some cause for concern.

I can’t do much with this stat block, not having the Ergothian Cavalier or legendary tactician material, but it looks to me like none of the melee attacks took the Epic Prowess feat into consideration; I think you need to add one oorders point to each attack as a result. Product Reviews Comments and opinions on books by fellow fans. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Our Day return guarantee still applies.

Add tags Ordets separate by space: Flat-footed AC should be 21, not 18, due to uncanny dodge. I can’t check much of his stats, given that Knight of the Lily information was left out of the book.

Dragonlance Nexus: Knightly Orders of Ansalon – Product Catalog

Product List The full Dragonlance product line. Best of all, it’s free. May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. Search Results Results 1 -4 of 4.

Details are provided for the first time on the histories of knightly orders, the rules of acceptance and conduct, their quests and trials, and deadly enemies who seek to undo them. It’s almost as if Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis, the original creators and authors of the whole Dragonlance world, decided to ordres much just pattern orderx Dark Prders on the Knights of Solamnia, only erase the word “good” and pencil in “evil” as needed.


Knightly Orders of Ansalon contains information useful for both players and Dungeon Masters, as well as Dragonlance fans who wish to know even more about the military orders of the world and the characters who belong to them. More tools Find sellers with multiple copies Add to want list.

Wednesday, 17th December, Despite being a book focused primarily on orders of knights three main ones, specifically, although there’s some generic information in chapter onequite a bit of “background information” is provided about what’s been going on in the novels.

However, I can place the blame on the current authors as opposed to Hickman and Weis for the greatest oversight in the book: Ships with Tracking Number!

He might be riding a dragon as well, or not – it’s hard to tell as he’s cut off at waist height. War of knnightly Lance. You don’t have the site cookie set. Monday, 15th January, Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Looks like he spent 40 of 45 skill points. Flat-footed AC should be 20, not 19, due to uncanny dodge. Stars are assigned as follows:. All of the other humanoid NPCs in this book have some kind of adjective before their racial name.

Oredrs Legion ordeds Steel was founded to battle oppression from all sides, fighting for freedom. All information within this volume is fully compatible with the revised edition of the d20 System game.

Skill Based buy or gain skills.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Sovereign Press WISeptember 5. Sovereign Press Wizards of the Coast. The Dark Knights, somewhat predictably, are lawful evil, and split up into three distinct orders – the Knights of the Lily, Knights oeders the Skull, and Knights of the Thorn.