ID Referensi, SAKERNASQ1-M1-ENG Different with activities of Population Census, as well as SUSENAS, SUPAS Kuesioner. Statistics Indonesia. National Population and Family Planning Board The Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) was carried out by. The – Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) in Indonesia was obtained from the National Socioeconomic Survey (SUSENAS) and.

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Full Text Available Due to its geographic location bordering directly with neighboring countries, the border in West Kalimantan as the outer limit of the state of Indonesia is one region that has not received attention, especially attention with regard to activities in the economic field. This paper describes two case studies where a suite of pre- border management approaches was applied to semi-submersible drilling rigs.

Indonesia – National Labor Force Survey 2012 Quarter 1

Among the major Islands in Indonesia, Kalimantan was predicted have the highest diversity in Hoya species. Therefore most species are becoming threatened or even endangered because of over exploitation.

Essential oils from flowers, leaves and stems of R. Albumin profile of snakehead fish Channastriata from East KalimantanIndonesia.

For this article, we used 94 high resolution m satellite images to map the status of peatland degradation and development in Sumatra and Kalimantan using visual image interpretation.

Full Text Available In recent years, several studies have been carried out to evaluate and investigate the important diseases of swamp buffaloes Bubalus carabanensis in Kalimantan. Exploration has been carried out against a number of secondary metabolite content of medicinal plants in East Kalimantan and some of them found to contain saponins.

In particular, this study aims to inform civil society organizations, palm oil. Therefore, efforts to create a model that would be able to accommodate the parties-such as community, nation and state of Indonesia-Malaysia would need to be pursued, so the problem is not a legal issue to drag on the interests of each party.


Plasmodium knowlesi, human, clinical symptoms, morphology, Central Kalimantan. In the s the Government of Indonesia derided to develop one million hectares of peatlands for agriculture in Central Kalimantan on the Island of Borneo.

Full Text Available Rock mass characterization is required in design of rock opening, which calculation of engineering characters of rock mass become one important parameter toconsider. Data processing method was done performed by descriptive analysis quantitative and qualitative, Exponential Comparative Method determined the prospective ecotourism products and Importance-Performance Analysis IPA used to identify ecotourism object readiness.

The fastest callus formation was sobserved in Gedagai variety 8 days while Mayas Pancing 13 days was the latest one.

Indonesia – Survei Sosial Ekonomi Nasional 2013 Kor Gabungan

Based on the results of analyses, it concluded that REM, which adjusted-determination-coefficient is 0, is the best model in this case. Based on local narratives, the aim of this paper is to unravel the little known history of how the Iban segment of the border population in West Kalimantan became entangled in the highly Most oil palm expansion in the country has occurred at the expense of forests, resulting in significant GHG emissions.

For example, the Creys-Melville nuclear power plant is 80km from Geneva and the Cattonam installation is 12km from the French border with Luxembourg and Germany. Until the year the community forest area that was developed by the government in South Kalimantan has reached 2, ha, and the most widely are the Tanah Laut district covering ha. Biomass burning here has consumed millions of hectares of peatland and swamp forests.

Indonesia – Survei Sosial Ekonomi Nasional , Maret

Coastal and marine problems were collected from the coastal community in area of the Municipality of Balikpapan East Kalimantan Province, from fishermen, NGO’s and government officials.

We studied an early succession in Imperata grasslands in East KalimantanIndonesia, using plots that last burned 3. Limonene,linalool,4-terpineol and a-cadinol represented the major constituents of flowers oil.

Local political politically involved two ethnic identity which is a native of West Kalimantannamely ethnic Dayak and Malay. Using an instrumental variable approach, we show how border militarization affected the behavior kuesiober unauthorized migrants and border outcomes to transform undocumented Mexican migration from a circular flow of male workers going to three states into an eleven-million person population of settled families living in 50 states.


The local government’s failure to solve those problems was mainly due to lack of social awarenees for environmental coastal man The Border Crossing layer contains all international border crossings for all motorway crossings, as well as other In malaria, ukesioner of thrombocyte is thrombocytopenia that would be a complication from malaria vivax or malaria falciparum.

Poverty has become factor’s falling border residents in a circle phenomenon of trafficking, either as perpetrators or as victims. The others variability The roof in these mosques has a sharp angle 60o and an acute angle 20o. Using a questionnaire as basis an exploration is done by senior students in pharmacy and senior students of the medical school, with the supervision of the local health service and experts from the National Institute of Health Research and Development. Somatic embryo induction is one of the in vitro keusioner propagation techniques that is very important for plant developmental purposes.

Since the water quality requirement to supply NPP is about 1 ppm and to supply public demand is below ppm, so a hybrid system of MED-RO is optimum option to produce fresh water.

The structures of language are social structures in which meanings and intentions are already in place, always fighting for power and dominance, with rhetorical figures xusenas more violent weapons. Multicultural education was found to help….

To evaluate the medicinal uses of Rhanterium epapposum Oliv. This historiographical project is undertaken by applying historical method which consists of several main steps: