Samaysaar – is one of the few works, of this greatest of ascetics, that have survived the passage of time. Samaysaar’s main purpose is to. Granth samaysaar- the most famous scripture of Jain mythology, was written by Acharaya Kundkund, about years ago. Acharya Kundkund is taken in high. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Acharya, ioned.

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Samayasāra – Wikipedia

These have been further subdivided into thirteen secondary conditions. These three, together, constitute the path to liberation. The Self, by his own enterprise, protecting himself from virtuous as well as wicked activities that cause merit and demerit, and stationing himself in right faith and knowledge, detached from body and desires etc.

As the soul turns into a causal agent, physical matter gets transformed into karmic matter. Some consider the fruition of karma as the soul and some consider the sensation resulting from the strength of the fruition — intense or mild — as the soul. Future itself has become one big cause of fear — future health, security, relationships, old age, and, ultimately, death — termed appropriately as the fear of the unknown.

If you maintain that the Self transforms the karmic molecules into various karmic modes, then how can the Self cause transformation in a substance that, by nature, is immutable? The stickiness of oil applied on his body is the reason for him attracting dust particles; know for sure that this attraction is not due to his bodily actions.


There is no faith, knowledge, and conduct whatsoever in the non-conscious body, therefore, what can the soul destroy in such bodies? When this happens, the Self becomes a wrong believer, so let it be known. You cannot but marvel at the fineness, in terms of erudition as well as error-free printing in that era of letterpress technology, of the text.

That only ought to be experienced, meditated upon, and always trod; do not tread in other objects. Help Center Find new research papers in: Just as whiteness of linen gets destroyed when it is soiled with dirt, know that, in the same way, right conduct gets destroyed when soiled with passions. The previously bonded karmas transform from being unfit for enjoyment, to fit for enjoyment. This is a Karaoke based application for Dhal 4 of Chhahdhala. Our day-to-day experience tells us that people involved in meticulous financial planning are no securer and happier than those who adopt a carefree attitude toward financial matters.

Gurudevshree Pravachan shastra – Lectures by Gurudevshree bite size.

Divya Dhvani Prakashak: Samaysaar-by Kundkund Acharya

And without quasi-karmic matter, the cycle of births and deaths ceases to exist. Just as chalk whitens the alien substance a board etc. Only that soul which is not guilty is free from fear.

In reality, objects are not the cause of bondage; it is only due to dispositions. The Self is responsible for these — yoga and upayoga. Only the attainment of Self that is free from all attachments is not easy. As could be expected from a Barrister-at-Law of that era, he was a brilliant grammarian and logician; kundkud more than that, he was a great philosopher.


Publisher – Shree Aadinath Kundkund Kahan Digamber Jain Trust, Aligarh

Acharya Kundkund is taken in high regard in pancham kaal for the reason that about years ago he could directly listen to the divyadhwani of Bhagwan Shree Seemandhar Swami, in Videh Kshetra. There is no attribute, acquired or natural, in the soul that it can either assimilate or discard any alien substance.

Just as an artisan a goldsmith, for example enjoys the fruits of his work earrings etc.

If the soul is not guilty, it remains unafraid of getting any karmic bondage. Chhah Dhala – Dhal 5. When this happens, the Self becomes devoid of right conduct, so let it be known. Because of the absence of these psychic states pertaining to attachment etc. Chhah Dhala – Dhal 1. Kundakundacharya is an unquestioned authority of Jaina dogmatics; and his position, especially among the Jain Teachers and Authors of the South, is unique.

Therefore, knowledge is one thing and scripture another; this has been proclaimed by the Omniscient Lord. In the same way, a guilty soul is afraid of getting bondage of samayaar like knowledge-obscuring karma. Knowing this, the well- informed abandons them.

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