Tenants. Now that you have defined your properties you need to identify who will live in them. STEP 1: Create a new tenant. To create a new tenant, go in the. As many of you may have already noticed today, we’ve really been ramping up LandlordMax’s online documentation. The user manual is now. Join us as we tear down Landlord Max and reveal what we like and dislike about it. The user manual is well written and comes with screenshots and clear.

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This is more of a wish list item rather than a complaint but it will be perfect if LandlordMax can actually link up with bank accounts so that a landlord can send and receive payments directly from it.

Thank you very much. We receive advertising revenue from most but not all of the companies lanrlordmax products and services we review, and also use contextual advertising to support our services. Daniel Bonnell DT Rentals.

Rate the content quality of the following video: This practical Propertyware alternative is organized in a logical manner. I have been using LandlordMax for over a year a now. You manuaal be able to use most of the features from day one without a manual While LandlordMax does produce excellent and detailed reports, the reports are all in numbers and figures. You’ve really helped my brokerage succeed as it rapidly expands.

It provides a special section for managing receipts, which is useful for some property managers. My employees all love it too, and it save’s me a king’s ransom in training cost for new employees do to its simplicity. DT Rentals Share with a friend.

LandlordMax Question – Landlord Forum thread 338824

Jennifer Beaton Property Manager. Fall Electronic Signature. To sum up our LandlordMax review, we can safely conclude that this is one of those rare property management programs that actually over-delivers. If you’re looking for a robust software that’s going help you manage 1 to 50 rental properties with ease, majual we highly recommend LandlordMax.


9 LandlordMax Customer Testimonials & Customer References | FeaturedCustomers

Claim your profile and create a Premium Portal for your organization. Any problem that I have had has been one of mine and not the program as was what the problem before. This weekend, I read the instruction manual and successfully loaded all of my data into the software Once you click on it, it will allow you to enter basic tenant data such as their personal particulars and contact information. We were also pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to use given its huge list of functions. I am a property owner as well as a Investment RE agent, I am looking to purchase your product as a management tool but your analyzer “I must admit” Rocks the pants off anything I can currently give my clients as a pro-forma.

You can generate graphs and pie charts automatically without having to manually manipulate numbers. I have done a number of demos with other property management software, and prefer LandlordMax because it seems easy to use, and the price is right. This also puts critical landlord, tenant, unit and vendor information at your fingertips at all times. Yours outperforms them all. Keep up the hard work!! As a landlord, this means you leave no stone unturned.

Contact us today to take control of your profile for FREE and learn about our upgraded profile options to unlock all of your customer references for prospects to see. The accounting entries are also color-coded to make them simple to digest. Even on its first release, your network Landlordmax software is awesome! Share All Share about LandlordMax with a friend.

While even first time landlords should have no problems figuring out this simple-to-use software, we do appreciate the wide selection of help and customer support available. Share about LandlordMax with a friend. Don’t see enough customer references? With the click of a button, you can churn out over different reports.

Full LandlordMax Review – Is Landlord Max Worth The Price?

If you decide to continue, there are no monthly or yearly fees and no support costs. The support from Landlordmax was so fast and not making me feel stupid that I was asking questions about the wrong software. To be fair, this feature is usually only found in customized property management software that can easily cost more than a thousand dollars.


I’ve tried every other competitive solution all of which charge substantially moreeven the big name networked versions, which charge outrageous monthly fees.

They were so kind in trying to help me uzer the program that I thought was theirs. Check out these LandlordMax competitors. In plain English, it means that your rental property data is stored offline, making it a bit more troublesome to share it with others or change computers. For between 10 and units, LandlordMax should more than meet your needs.

This will make life easier for people who are uncomfortable with mabual – This issue has been fixed see “Update” below. Medical Practice Management Software. Click here to copy this link to your clipboard. We are independently owned and operated and all opinions expressed on this site are our own. Its most basic features appear front and center. Don’t see enough customer testimonials from LandlordMax above? If you’re a power user or someone likes to micro manage, you can drill down to the sub-categories outlined in yellow below where you can key in detailed data such as occupants, employer or even their vehicles: While the creation of reports is a standard feature of most property management programs, no other software comes close to the might of LandlordMax.

I was one of the ones that started asking about a network version long ago. Join us as we tear down Landlord Max and reveal what we like and dislike about it.

I’ve been using your software since Once I figured out landkordmax mistake, I realized that I needed to switch to a company that cared.