Los Tommyknockers [Stephen King] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. : The Tommyknockers (): Stephen King: Books. by The New York Times Book Review and won the Los Angeles Times Book. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. King’s new novel, a numbing variation on Invasion of the Body Snatchers, offers its own best commentary on itself.

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Traci Lords as Nancy Voss E. View all 17 comments. Want to Read saving….

The Tommyknockers

I was left open-mouthed by some of the pages – not for descriptions of vomit or aliens but just that they existed at all. Sep 03, James Hartley rated it really liked it. Prior to starting Tommyknockers I’d heard much about how this book was one of King’s least liked books by fans. Therefore, it would do to tommykbockers that The Talisman, the novel co-written by King and Straub, also exists in this world. Other themes in the book include the dangers of unchecked technological advancement and the corrupting influence of power.

This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. I consider myself to be one who at least has half a brain Hell, I have a Master’s degree, Stelhen would I hope I have a brainand consider myself to be someone who pays close attention when reading View all 7 comments. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. I loved Salem’s Lot, liked The Stand and It and initially had mixed views on the Shining thinking it somewhat pointless but found it far more impressive on re-watch.

Lls put the book down a few toommyknockers and walked away just thinking I was reading it in the wrong environment or at the wrong time.

Mabel Noyes 2 episodes, William Johnson Firstly, this book gets a really bad rep for some apparent reason but in my opinion, it is unjustified. Is that why the color green is used here? Pearl 2 episodes, This section of the book was honestly some of the most engaging King writing I’ve ever read. Reading this book again after nearly 28 years has vividly reminded me of those early days when a page book was such a huge part of my life, and the newest Stephen King hardcover was the BEST Christmas present ever!


Student Bartender 2 episodes, When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, Maine, for good. You can only become His novel It doesn’t feel half as long as this book, and it’s over pages longer. Now, some thirty years later, I have to eat humble pie.

The Tommyknockers – Wikipedia

I can tell you one thing- Mom and Dad were not impressed. View all 4 comments. A man and his family return to his hometown, where he is then harassed by teenagers that died when he was a kid. On the surface, the other townspeople realize the ship is active and begin to run to the excavation site.

The whole town is digging something up in the woods, and only an alcoholic poet can discover the secret of the Tommyknockers. And yeah, I get that this is a con job to get Gardner to help dig up the ship, but that thread of thinking that the Feds would somehow be even worse than murderous aliens runs through this and Dreamcatcher in defiance of internal plot logic.

I think, now that I am older, I am more aware of hidden messages in books. King novels don’t usually affect me but I d Bobbie Anderson finds an object buried in the woods that happens to be the tip of an alien craft.

Some individuals begin inventing wild gadgets using kitchen tools, batteries, small appliances, and other odds and ends. The Tommyknockers Nov 28, Hillman tries to convince Trooper Duggan to investigate, but Duggan dismisses his claims. Search for ” The Tommyknockers ” on Amazon. Audiobook — Narrated by Edward Herrmann — Excellent narration.

Gardner pulls the dead pilot from the control panel, and connects himself to the ship.

Patricia McCardle 2 episodes, I had never in my life felt so ripped off about an ending in a book. Personally, I found it bracing – downright comical at times. The new boss is the same as the old boss. You can believe that if you want, but it increasingly feels to me lis the references aren’t so much clever winks to reader as they are lazy tricks that undermine the story King is trying to tell at the moment.


Her parents, Guy and Nellie Pillsbury, had become incapacitated with old age, and Ruth King was persuaded by her sisters to take over the physical care of them. Bobbie Anderson finds an object buried in the woods that happens to be the tip of an alien craft. I mean, do we really believe that some idiot would be so distrustful of government agencies and science as well as have such yommyknockers strong belief in crazy conspiracy theories that he would shun the system and instead choose to side with a hideous monster in human form who is telling him nothing but lies?

It’s the first time I really remember marveling not only at a story, but at the writing on the small and medium scale, and truly appreciating what magic was being worked, and how. In other words, it was written during a coke-fuelled binge of sorts.

And I’ve thought about it a lot lately and said to myself, “There’s really a good book in here, underneath all the sort of spurious kign that cocaine provides, and I ought to go back.

There were so many scenes, characters, ideas and descriptions that all sho This seems to be one of Stephen King’s less known and less liked novels. The townspeople are creating more fantastic devices, and every affected person seems drained of energy and life.

So that means that an alien influenced western writer and a drunken poet who shot his own tommyknocoers are supposed to be the ones we trust to deal with the discovery of aliens? Sheriff Ruth Merrill 2 episodes, Annie Corley