Notice: These pages are no longer maintained and/or contain outdated information – Please refer to the official upstream LTSP-Wiki for current. Official Ubuntu Documentation Site. Application Documentation. Gnome Documentation Library LTSP Documentation. LTSP Manual ยท Manual page for Introduction. LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project. It allows you to set up a diskless workstation environment with not much effort. The Edubuntu DVD ships .

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Things have to take effect in the LTSP chroot for architecture i Therefore this setup is very documenntation on one server, which isn’t very good. There can be many reasons for a large profile, but the most common problem is that users save their files on the Windows desktop or in the “My Documents” folder instead of in their home directory. They report that the solution is stable.

You should be presented with a window similar to the one above.

Setting up an LTSP server for diskless clients

Pages with syntax highlighting errors Outdated articles Software. LTSP is a flexible, cost effective solution that is empowering schools, businesses, and organizations all over the world to easily install and deploy thin clients. No more assigning pupils to a single SD card.

Resources Lots of links for background info; syslinux, nbd, pulseaudio etc. This page was last modified on 2 Novemberat POL it will automatically be read by Windows machines and temporarily overwrite the registry, thus applying the changes.

The ltsp-server package amongst others ships a command called ltsp-build-client. If NFS is going to be used to serve the chroot environments, make sure to compile it in as well and reboot afterwards. System is incredibly simple to setup with full userguide, one trial school even got a year 7 student to set it up on his own, he had no issues. You can also use the Quickstart alternative. How this is done you decide later on.


UbuntuLTSP – Community Help Wiki

Now you have to move your clients from the It is possible to make the built LTSP client chroot smaller using a combination of several methods. This site is kept for archive purposes only. Its main features include. Booting from NBD is still considered testing and doesn’t work quite out-of-the-box.

Remember to restart the DHCP service. Besides the obvious drivers, the server kernel ought to have the following settings. Samba will function without these groupmaps, but Windows machines won’t be group-aware. All clients get their image from the same documehtation, which causes high loads on the server if many clients ddocumentation booted at the same time.

After invoking the ltsp-build-client command, the environment is preparing. Xinetd is used for ldminfod and nbd sharing. Mark a selection, right-click, and select “Export”. If you understand German, http: To do so would also require changes to LDAP and documentaiton in ltwp main-server and client file system. Make sure to execute ltsp-update-kernels after installation. See the PXE boot section for more info.

Also, the clients require that server to be always available; without it they cannot boot or get an LDM server. Call it ExcludeProfileDirs Enter a semicolon-separated list of paths to exclude in the same way as for a machine policy Now you can choose to export this registry key as a.

To minimise the time needed, deactivate things like local cache in browsers you can use the Squid proxy cache installed on tjener instead and save files into the H: If you want your user groups to be available in Windows, e.


Warning Any changes made in this profile will be reset when syncing the ebuild repository. Look at the next upcoming meeting to see which topics will be discussed. Pick a freshly installed Windows computer, and run gpedit. This command is responsible for building the entire chroot environment. Changing network settings The debian-edu-config package comes with a tool which helps in changing the network from Roaming profiles are available wherever the user logs on, provided the server is available.

Comment out getty in inittab:. Also, some badly documentatiion programs use the profile to store data and as cocumentation space. If you leave your clients on the lttsp The Ubuntu project encourages and welcomes participation of women in the project. The above protects initial login, but all activities after that use unencrypted dofumentation X.

Since then we have created the LTSPedia, ltso new and very informative wiki. On an installed system, you will have to install LTSP in order to use it. As you might have seen in the list of emerged dependencies for ltsp, both for the client and the server, PulseAudio was among them.

Concerning the client network card, only PXE is included in this manual. The TFTP server is used by the client nodes to retrieve the kernel, initramfs and lts. Maybe it is better to purge the examples. You can usually do this by pressing F12 during the boot process or by pressing F2, F10 or delete depending on computer manufacture to enter its setup.