The French title of Gonçalo Amaral’s book, “A Verdade da Mentira,” is, “Maddie: L’ Enquête Interdite,” The Forbidden Investigation. This is the Foreword from the. so that justice can finally be done in the investigation known as the “Maddie case. ” Truth and A Verdade Da Mentira: The Truth About The Lie. Chapter 1. Maddie: la verdad de la mentira [Gonçalo Amaral] on *FREE* shipping on Tradución de: Maddie, a verdade da mentira. McCann, Madeleine .

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On that page I came across a link for an English Translation of this story, for which I am infinitely grateful for, because I read this in one sitting, in one evening, on my phone. Dec 16, Netti rated it it was ok Shelves: In no way does this text seek to challenge the work of my colleagues in the police judiciaire or verdave compromise the ongoing investigation. The account is written using the police files.

Bijzonder om te lezen hoe een onderzoek in zijn werk gaat.

Het zet de lezer aan het denken over de manier waarop de politie met bepaalde zaken is omgegaan. Feb 22, Erin Green added it. See 2 questions about Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira….

Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira by Gonçalo Amaral

Rather, its importance lies in it being a readable transcription from the voluminous files of the first and indeed only thorough police investigation into this highly mysterious and perplexing case, perhaps one of the stran If I give this book a high rating that’s not of course for literary merit which it never pretended to have even though written with admirable conciseness and straightforwardness originally in a Vsrdade idiom which may not always translate quite as it should into English.

Goncalas Amaral was dismissed from the case and the case was closed shortly after. It’s important to remember that, because for the first few chapters, I f Just wow. It definitely left me thinking that the parents had some involvement in Madeline’s death. Na deze vreselijke ontdekking probeerden de Portugese en Britse politie met man en macht deze zaak op te lossen, tot op heden echter mwddie resultaat.

Reading this, it’s easy to see why the McCanns want i The McCanns had this book banned, but the decision was appealed.


Jul 19, Manuel Lobo rated it it was amazing Vwrdade This indicates that there has been a change in the stress on the time of the disappearance in the group’s story telling: The evidence of the group of friends is completely contradictory.

I made the request several times, but it was never heard. One of these was, already mentioned, to give two lists to the police, which maddif the topic of the nightly discussion Matthew’s visit.

A form of Calpol called Calpol Verdace, which is not as frequently used in the UK as regular Calpol, does contain an anti-histamine so could make a child drowsy, through it would not truly sedate them. Under no circumstance whatsoever does the book call the work of my colleagues at the Judiciary Police into question, nor does it compromise the ongoing investigation. Now I find it was mentida fact looked at, but summarily dismissed for seemingly arbitrary reasons.

Maddie: A verdade da mentira (TV Movie ) – IMDb

Worth seeking out – available to read online and a quick read. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Dec 23, Darklady rated it liked it. Apr 08, Paulien rated it really liked it Shelves: That the stress on the Jane sighting really exists is visible from Kate McCann’s suggestion in her own book that Jane’s man and the man seen later by an Irish family are quite likely the same.

View all 5 comments. Feb 02, Natasha rated it it was amazing Shelves: A book that brings new lights about the “Maddie’s Case”, that is a very complex one and that bring some new light to everyone who want to see it, and have it own oppinion. The said items also do not play a role vereade the overall analytical structure of Amaral’s book. Is there any plans to release this in English?

Judging from Maddif failure to address these issues, it has been a very effective story indeed. Aug 26, Novemberrainall rated it liked it. A second error was to communicate with the British media too early, when the story to be told was not yet settled.

Read the English translation online. Overall, a detailed and compelling account of the investigation into this tragedy. But when I remembered – this isn’t fiction, there isn’t another way to write it, this is how it happened – I soon became completely immersed in the controversy, innacuracies and almost ‘conspiracy theory’ of this whole veedade tale.


Feb 23, Amorita Maharaj rated it verdzde liked it. It is my deep understanding that revealing all macdie the facts in a work of this kind might jeopardize future actions that are decisive for the discovery of the truth. Have you ever encountered a pair of doctors who don’t have credit or debit cards?

Or a suspect who brings a press officer to a questioning session then proceeds to start texting?

Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira

Have a look online, there are English excerpts around, and it makes the McCanns look pretty shady — especially the 39 questions Kate refused to answer. I can provide greater detail but then this would highlight spoilers The story keeps repeating the parents whereabouts that day that everyone already knows s through reading news articles and through television, and although it claims it has a theory regarding the mystery and murder, it is unable to provide a specific timeline or a fixed alternative story path that we can relate too as the story then dives into piece meal information.

Who the hell carries the bin out in their car on holiday? To view it, click here. However, the reader will have access to unpublished information, to new interpretations of events — always with respect for the law — and, of course, to relevant enquiries. However, the purpose of amddie work is more important: One has to wonder about the influence and power of people – if this is a cover-up, there’s an incredibly dedicated, loyal team at the core of it.

One of my favourites! Amaral does not prove his theory, having barking dogs that don’t bite. Zeer benieuwd naar het boek van de ouders, dat ik zeker ook ga lezen. It is very matter of fact with the information it presents, with only little emotive outbursts.